If I Could ‘Fix’ A Presidential Election, I’d Take Control Of The Senate TOO!

This little trope has been posted all around the social media sphere since Tuesday when President Donald Trump and the henchmen in his regime started making noises about voter fraud and stealing the election…and it makes sense.

With the variety of processes unique to each state and the variable officials with their own allegiances, it would take a deception and deflection and misdirection of epic D-Day proportions to illegally sway a presidential election in one direction or another. And to think it was done in 2020 is preposterous. The only thing that has changed is the utter failure of the incumbent president to control a pandemic…that resulted in a cultural shift in voting to mail in and absentee voting.

But, if one could pull off such an illusion, you would have also defeated Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senator Lindsey Graham, and Senator Ted Cruz…and taken a majority position in the US Senate.

So despite the glow around a President-elect Joe Biden and the first woman and first person of color in Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris, their administration will be a lame duck season with a McConnell controlled Senate…until at minimum 2022.

Sorry if I spoiled your buzz…I’ll still be drinking champagne anyway.


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