Just a few thoughts from the GOP presidential debate (LIVE)

Here’s my thoughts on the Republican presidential debate being held tonight in New Hampshire.

On Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposal to turn Medicare into a voucher program:

  • Rick “Man on dog” Santorum “wholeheartedly” supports Paul Ryan’s plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program.
  • Herman Cain “totally supports” Paul Ryan giving coupons to seniors to find their own health care coverage.

On Muslims in America:

  • Herman Cain really really doesn’t like or trust Muslims, so he won’t allow any to work in his administration.
  • Newt Gingrich thinks that since the Times Square bomber says he lied when he took his citizenship oath, Muslims can’t be trusted to serve in his administration.

On the right of states to self-determine when it comes to same-sex marriage:

  • Michele Bachmann says that despite her strong personal opposition to same-sex marriage, if elected president she wouldn’t interfere with states on the issue, then does a bit of a flip-flop and says she supports a federal Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.
  • Ron Paul wants government out of the marriage business completely.
  • Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum all say, “piss on states’ rights” and full speed ahead with a federal Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

On whether the issue of abortion should be an issue during the presidential campaign:

  • Rick Santorum wastes no time taking a shot at Mitt Romney’s flip-flop on the issue of a woman’s right to choose while making it clear he’s no fan of letting women decide for themselves what’s right when it comes to their reproductive health.
  • Mitt Romney says he now believes in the sanctity of human life, despite whatever he may have said in the past to support the right to choose.
  • Michele Bachmann says only God can take away our right to life, leaving me to wonder if she believes that government has no right to execute prisoner through capital punishment.

On how they’ll prevent illegal immigration and the use of government services by illegal immigrants:

  • Rick Santorum thinks we shouldn’t be offering government services to illegal immigrants.
  • Ron Paul thinks we need to do more to protect our borders instead of protecting the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan. He also thinks hospitals shouldn’t be forced to provide service to illegal immigrants who may need services.
  • Herman Cain doesn’t think that children born in the United States to illegal immigrants should be U.S. citizens.

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6 thoughts on “Just a few thoughts from the GOP presidential debate (LIVE)

  1. I’m personally wondering what happened to that other conservative that was running for president that had liberal views on social issues? Jon Huntsman, I think his name is?

  2. I wasn’t watching, but did Bachmann really answer the question about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell saying she would consult the Commander in Chief and do what he suggests? Man, she’s more stupid than Rebecca Kleefisch and Sarah Palin mudwrestling. She’s even more stupid than Newt Gingrich pretending he has a chance!

    1. Sarah Palin actually isn’t that stupid if you read this article.

      She actually seems a lot more competent in her emails than she does when she interviews. Doesn’t mean I like her politics at all with her banning things from books when she was mayor, but reading through her emails, she doesn’t seem as completely ignorant as she does in interviews. However, there is the possibility that they could have been typed up by an intern.

  3. Did any of them take a position on how to handle gay Muslims aborting immigrant fetuses on MY Medicare dollar?

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