Cuts will hurt state workers – and you too

That’s the opinion of Tom Giffey, editorial page editor for the Leader-Telegram:

Those tempted to say “good riddance” at the thought of a shrinking state workforce should remember that these are not all faceless bureaucrats in Madison. These are people who investigate consumer complaints, issue driver’s licenses, monitor air and water quality, ensure child support payments are made, teach in our universities, and perform hundreds of other important jobs. They are our neighbors, family members and friends. They work for us, and we shouldn’t take laying them off lightly.

Those tempted to say “good riddance” to state employees facing layoffs should also remember these are the same state employees who make sure our state’s correctional facilities are secure, and these are the same employees who supervise convicted felons on community supervision. These are also the same state employees who investigate claims of child abuse or neglect, and they’re the same state employees who inspect our bridges and roads to make sure they’re safe for driving.

While it’s easy for some in our state to denigrate state employees simply because they’re state employees – and worse yet, union members – those same folks should take a minute to think about all the good work state employees do to keep this state going strong. State employees didn’t create the current economic mess or our state’s budget deficits – just keep that in mind.


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1 thought on “Cuts will hurt state workers – and you too

  1. The same ones that are complaining about their taxes are the same ones that will be first to complain when our bridges collapse, when the criminals get away with murder (sometimes literally) because of cuts in corrections, etc.

    Of course, they will never be able to make the connection either.

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