Assembly Dems to hold fundraiser during budget debate

Despite a rule banning fundraising during the time when the State Assembly is debating the state budget, Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan plans to raise money June 15 for fellow Assembly Democrats as they look to hold on to their Assembly majority in 2010:

Sheridan, of Janesville, and other Assembly leaders in February passed a rule banning fund raising until the Legislature gives the budget to Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle. Democrats hailed the ban as groundbreaking.

But they now say the rule allows them to continue to raise money for the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee – one of the main tools for Democrats will use in next year’s elections to try to protect their thin majority.

“He’s not personally fund raising for himself,” Sheridan aide Rebekah Sweeney said. “He is attending an event, which is fully within the rule we set up.”

While Speaker Sheridan’s attendance at the June 15 fundraiser may not violate the letter of the rule banning fundraising during the budget debate, it certainly seems to violate the spirit of the rule, and to be honest, it smells more than a little funny. Mike Sheridan should do the right thing and not attend the fundraiser, but I’m betting he’ll attend.


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