I’ll give Sarah Palin credit

I’ll admit I’ve often been a vociferous critic of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, but I have to give her credit for her advocacy on behalf of people with developmental disabilities. During a recent trip to the New York area, Gov. Palin took time to join thousands of other individuals at a fund-raising walk for autism research. In a speech, Gov. Palin said, “every single person has purpose no matter their developmental abilities.”


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5 thoughts on “I’ll give Sarah Palin credit

  1. Zach…it’s nice you can see the good in Gov. Palin and give her credit.

    I was going to say something on the recent attacks on Gov. Palin and her 14 year old daughter by Letterman but I changed my mind. It’s so obvious the rule about leaving politicians’ families alone no longer applies. The left is guilty and the right is guilty which is one of the many reasons why I don’t like either side. It’s as if everyone has lost their minds.

  2. So…Mr. Perplexed…because she didn’t agree with a sales tax raise you think she didn’t care about the disabled people? She wanted the state to see if they could find the money elsewhere. That does sound reasonable.

  3. “TABOR crippled the state of Colorado following its passage in 1992, but it was later loosened in 2005, precisely because people were fed up with their roads and the educational system going to hell because of TABOR.”

    Interesting. The quote above is part of a comment left by Jason Haas on another thread and it ties into the comment and link you left on this thread…capper. Maybe there really wasn’t any money to be found elsewhere and the only way to fund the programs needed for the disabled people was to raise the sales tax. The only thing is unless you study every states situation individually how can you know what is causing the money shortages. I don’t know why Gov. Palin would even comment on something like this without digging into the recent history of the state. In general not raising taxes sounds good but not at the expense of people who are in need…

  4. Anon, you and I are in agreement that in general not raising taxes sounds good, but not at the expense of those in need.

    However, I think Gov. Palin was on the wrong side of things when it comes to the Colorado sales tax issue. Sure, a tax increase is a tax increase, but we’re talking about an increase of .1%.

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