Sanford explains absence, admits to affair

I know, I know….this is the last time I’ll mention South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford for a while.

At a press conference earlier today, Gov. Sanford finally came clean and explained his recent unexplained absence, admitting he’s been having an affair with a woman from Argentina.

Here’s some video of Gov. Sanford’s press conference:

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The State also has transcripts of some of the emails between Gov. Sanford and his paramour.

What I’m wondering is when the GOP forfeits their right to call themselves the “party of family values,” given the proclivity so many of their members have for adultery, divorce, and all manner of other unsavory behaviors.


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5 thoughts on “Sanford explains absence, admits to affair

  1. Do all GOPers feel they are the “party of family values”? Where does that belief come from…I wonder??

  2. I deeply regret that this has happened to the Governor and his family. I think that we should not sully the man’s Republican successes over the years because of this incident. He was often a version of Ron Paul.
    Good men sometimes fail. I think he showed incredible foresight to try and use the stimulus money to pay down South Carolina’s debt. I think that when he walked into the state capital with a pig under each arm and castigated the Republican-controlled congress over their spending that he showed remarkable strength of character. It is men like Gov. Sanford (with us or against us politically) that we need in America. He would be a great political opponent on which to sharpen all other candidates.
    Good men sometimes fail. I am sorry to hear this happened to him and his family.

  3. “Do all GOPers feel they are the “party of family values”? Where does that belief come from…I wonder??”

    No. And we get labeled as RINO’s for it.

    Family-Values is a code word for Social Conservatives, which IMHO often is a guise for haters and bigots.

  4. The republican party can stand for family values – Sanford and others aren’t the republican party, just disgraceful individuals that are in the party. Pieces don’t represent the whole.

    1. So…what is so different about the republican party that they think they are the ones who “stands for family values”??

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