Sotomayor and the Spin Machine

Ahhh, we all get dizzy from the spinning. Headline for an article in the weekly edition of Washington Times:

“Supreme Court overturned 60 percent of Sotomayor’s ruling”

but the Washington Times On Line edition says:” Sotomayor reversed 60% by high court

If all you read is the headlines you would think that Sotomayor is incompetent. The truth more accurately comes from Robert Gibbs, Press Secretary:

“Mr. Gibbs dismissed questions about Judge Sotomayor’s reversal rate, saying she wrote 380 majority opinions during her 11 years on the appeals court. Of those 380 opinions, the Supreme Court heard five of the cases and overturned her on three. “

Spin. Spin. Spin.

Update: Bill Barnstead, President of William A. Barnstead Engineering Corp., regularly advertises in the Washington Times weekly edition. In his ad against Sotomayor, he says it this way ” She is a jurist whose legal decisions as a US District Court Judge were overturned 60% of the time.” …WOW !… ( hmmm…let me see, 60% of 380 is 228. Whoa, Nelly!)

Have we all abandoned the truth? Or just Republicans? Or just some Republicans?

It is incumbent upon us all to point out half truths and lies and distortions.


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1 thought on “Sotomayor and the Spin Machine

  1. Of course Republicans are going to attempt to spin her record in order to find grounds to disqualify her. They tried labeling her a racist, only to have that backfire in their faces, so now they’re trying their best to paint her as an activist with a poor judicial record.

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