S.C. governor missing since Thursday

This is a really weird story.

The whereabouts of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford were unknown for nearly four days, from Thursday until today, and before his whereabouts became known, Gov. Sanford’s own wife didn’t know where he was. First lady Jenny Sanford told the Associated Press earlier Monday her husband has been gone for several days and she did not know where he had gone.

Before Sanford’s whereabouts finally became known, his last known location had been near Atlanta, where a mobile telephone tower picked up a signal from his phone. According to reports, Gov. Sanford’s office now knows where he is, but I’d love to know where Gov. Sanford was and what he was doing. It’s been written Gov. Sanford left South Carolina to “write something,” but I’m wondering how a happily married father leaves his family – without letting them know where he’s going – on Father’s Day weekend.

Something’s fishy with this story…


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5 thoughts on “S.C. governor missing since Thursday

  1. I agree with you. Gov. Sanford planned this. His wife is unconcerned. He eludes his security. And his phone is “off” !?!
    It was more than hiking.

    1. My first thought was some sort of rehab or treatment program, but I just don’t know. No matter what the explanation is, this just seems really odd…who leaves their family on Father’s Day weekend?

  2. I was thinking that this may be a medical procedure. Cosmetic surgery, perhaps. I am not as focused on the timing as the duration.

    1. The explanation is that Gov. Sanford was hiking the Appalachian Trail. I’d still like to know who does that and leaves his family at home on Father’s Day.

  3. Does anyone know where Milwaukee’s favorite lecturer, blogger freelancer was this weekend?

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