Walker outsources hotel accommodations

For a guy whose campaign slogan is “Believe in Wisconsin Again,” Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker sure doesn’t seem to believe much in Wisconsin’s businesses. First he outsourced his campaign website to an Ohio web design firm, and now comes news Walker and his motorcycle entourage – brought to you by AirTran – is splurging on a block of expensive out-of-state hotel rooms in Duluth, MN following tonight’s campaign tour, rather than supporting a Superior, WI hotel located just five minutes away. Walker’s entourage is spending nearly $4,000 on the hotel rooms, which is $4,000 that could have been better spent on hotel rooms in Wisconsin.

Outsourcing the design of his gubernatorial campaign website to an out-of-state firm and getting out-of-state hotel rooms might seem inconsequential, but in my opinion they speak volumes about how little Scott Walker “believes in Wisconsin.”


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