Brett in Hiding?

You Recall last Week Zach Posted about The Racist Tweet From Fred Dooley, The Failed Aldermanic Candidate Blogger from Racine.
Well…..Today Fred’s Racism hit The Big Time when Dan Bice Updates it in The No Quarter Column in The Journal Sentinel. Not a whole lot of new things to report in the Paper Version. But I’m Shocked That Brett Healy, The President of The McIver Institute for Public Policy STILL SAYS HE’S GOT TO READ THE RACIST POST BEFORE HE COMMENTS?


It’s Been 4 Days, An Eternity in the Political Arena, and The Leader of The New GOP Political Agency which Employs Mr. Dooley(according to Bice) has yet to Read or Comment on the Racism of his staff ?
This MCIVER Institute was to be the savior group that brings the GOP back in Wisconsin? Yet These self proclaimed Political Guru’s Still have No Comment.

FYI- I just Checked out Both Mr. Dooley’s Blog and The Website and Blog of the MCIVER Institute, Still no mention of this Racist Tweet, much less any type of Apology. I should note, Dooley hasn’t posted at The McIver Site since July 1st. Was He Fired? Or just told to Stay Low? He’s posted at his site. So clearly he’s Available!

Here’s a Hint to Mr. Healy that he Should Have learned From GW BUSH.



After Hearing From Cindy…i Decided to look If I Was seeing GOP Racism where it Doesn’t Exist…..Look What I Found…
GOP July 4th Celebration in Florida.

And This…obama2

Me ??? i find These pictures From The Florida GOP Very Racist and offensive….Guessing Fred and Cindy May Disagree.
Brett ???? Well i’m Sure he Needs to Look them over for awhile before he comments….But He’ll Get Back To Us!

Fist Bump To KO


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15 thoughts on “Brett in Hiding?

  1. Is the statement racist because Dan Bice say’s it is racist? The words themselves have no inference unless you apply it. Does that make you racist, Zach, for saying the tweet is offensive?

    I eat watermelon. I make cornbread. I have a particular weakness for KFC. (Ok, I only let myself indulge about once a year, so I’d have to share my nine other coupons.) I certainly don’t feel the victim of a racist remark. Rather the statement suggests that stimulus check was worth around $100, or no more than a few trips to a fast-food restaurant.

    That being said, more than one blogger has proven it is ill advised to be in possession of a keyboard while under the influence. It certainly applies in this situation. Do I condone his reckless typing? No. But I suggest it’s a full stretch to assume I am willing to condemn these words, especially when they apply to me.

    1. Cindy, thanks for visiting; it’s always a pleasure when you stop by to “hit and run.”

      As to your points, are you saying what Fred posted isn’t fraught with negative racial stereotypes? If you’re defending what Fred said, just come out and say so.

      Oh, and by the way, I’m still waiting for your response here.

  2. Cindy

    Couple of Things.

    I Wrote This Update Not Zach.

    I asked Brett To Come out of whatever Rock he’s Hiding under and Tell us, The World, How he feels about The Tweet of His Employee.
    I see that you have done just That.
    Thank you for your thoughts. Discussion of the Racist Tweet is already started at That earlier Post.
    This Post deals with the Lack of Response from the MCIVER Institute.
    How Then do the words apply to you?
    Are You Associated with them?

    Your Quick response is Even more Reason to Wonder why Mr. Healy can’t be as forthcoming after all this time to read a very short Tweet.

  3. He deserves to be called out on it. If he has an explanation, then spill it. If not, then take ur lumps.

    But ignoring “it” is not an option.

  4. I’m sorry, Al. I’m not used to there being other writers on this blog. I’ll try to be more careful.

    The words apply to me because it’s all stuff I eat. Why would those words apply to other people?

    I have no reason to defend Fred Dooley. I’m just not sure railing against a doped blogger is going to get you anywhere.

    Ok, now I have to go see what Zach is upset about…

    1. Cindy, I know you love to stir the pot, but if you honestly don’t see the problem with what Fred said, then so be it. You’re certainly entitled to hold your own opinions and beliefs, and if we disagree, then so be it.

  5. Is it always racist when we refer to a stereotype in jest?

    I am struggling with this idea that if I joke about a stereotype that I am a racist. What is allowable? Can I use the word ‘denigrate’ in talking about a black man without somebody accusing me of racism? Can I laugh at minstrel show humor without looking over my shoulder? Can I point out that Pontiac cars appeared to emulate the shape of Japanese eyes in their headlight and front end design? Can I talk about Indian war hoops and counting coup without facing some Native American criticism?

    To be blind toward racial identities may be as cruel as exaggerating the trait and defaming a person because of their race,color,and religion.

    I think that I do not understand the boundaries on this anymore. To me there is a difference between humor intended to be funny and disguised humor intended to castigate and (here’s that word again) denigrate others.

  6. Al, I do not see the photos as racist. Repugnant,yes. I see them also as protected by political free speech.I condemn them as an incompetent representation of Obama’s leadership. I condemn them also as puerile propaganda.But I do not see them as racist.

  7. Well said, PartiallyBlue. Imposing the presidents face on a couple of posters from unpleasant regimes doesn’t even come close to racism.

    Al, you might want to consider how you are diluting your argument by being so far off the mark.

    1. What Dooley wrote was very stupid and inappropriate. Racist? The undertones are certainly there, but are we racist for thinking that they exist? As for Healy? Perhaps he is taking the time to analyze what is going on to reach a logical decision rather than just giving Dooley the boot based on one very ill-advised and stupid tweet.

      As for the photos…did you notice the last 8 years and some of the deplorable things that they did with Bush’s pictures? Try a google image search and just simply type George W. Bush and see what comes up. Lefties lecturing conservatives on this stuff is a bit hypocritical (those kooky liberals!). I remember on inauguration day when there was an inflatable George W. Bush figure that people were using as a target for shoes. That’s the tolerant, enlightened, compassionate Democratic party? Get real. The photos Al posted are photos of a couple of nuts on the right wing. It’s pretty stupid to superimpose any president’s face, regardless of party or politics. Out of respect for the office, I do not think it is appropriate for people to do what Al posted. The same ought to apply to the other side as well.

  8. Zach, “It”‘s not being ignored because it’s being discussed here thanks to this site.

    PB, yes I too see nothing racist in what those Nazi-esque posters were alluding to.

    As for what is offensive and what isn’t…the distinction for ME is the directness of the remark. Example: If GD, hell, b!tch, or Fu*K, etc… are used in general terms or at inanimate objects or are otherwise Not directed at anyone, then I (me alone) am not offended. I often talk like a sailor. No big deal in my book. i.e. my effn car needs new effen wipers…or, work is a b!tch. etc… That’s just a lil added flair to a conversation.

    BUT when the derission is aimed at someone, or a group of someones, then I have a problem with it, but that’s just me. But i bet lots of people would stay out of trouble if they acted similarly.

    The problem that I have with the remarks that we are discussing here is not only did they denigrate a specifc person and African Americans in general; but also that all bloggers (but especially conservative ones) have an opportunity to lead by taking the high road. And that opportunity was lost. Again. How sad….

    But at the same time, I hope that there’s always room for Friendly banter amoung worthy advisaries. So yes, it can be ambiguous, but that should not stop us from calling people out on their “jokes”. I hope all you commies (lol) can agree 😛

  9. Obama as Hitler is not racist, but it makes about as much sense as the years and years of Bush as Hitler signs that somehow you chose to ignore. I guess that wasn’t offensive because then it was trying to show how both Bush and Hitler loved to go to war. Or something like that. But now that it tries to link Obama and Hitler, ya know National SOCIALIST party and all, it is deemed racist bile. Gotta love the double standard.

  10. For what it’s worth, I don’t think the photos of Obama’s head superimposed on Nazi propaganda posters is racist. Do I think it’s juvenile and idiotic? Absolutely, but it’s not racist, at least in my opinion.

  11. Was the original tweet “racist” He## yes. Folks should just stop trying to soft shoe around it. (I cannot say whether Freds a “racist” or not, that’s his battle. I AM saying the action, and more the excuse, where stupid)
    Are the posters racist? No, they’re just lame.
    I see two problems here, lefties are jumping at a (supposedly) drug addled oops (you never blurt out something crazy after a few dozen beers?), and rightys are by there silence indirectly defending it.

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