Nervous about gun rights?

You should be nervous in my opinion. Not from Democrats but from law and order Republicans.
Eugene Volokh points out that the San Francisco Police Code allows the Chief of Police to revoke the license of anyone who sells ammunition because it:

1) Serves no sporting purpose;
(2) Is designed to expand upon impact and utilize the jacket, shot or materials embedded within the jacket or shot to project or disperse barbs or other objects that are intended to increase the damage to a human body or other target (including, but not limited to, Winchester Black Talon, Speer Gold Dot, Federal Hydra-Shok, Hornady XTP, Eldorado Starfire, Hollow Point Ammunition and Remington Golden Sabre ammunition; or
(3) Is designed to fragment upon impact (including, but not limited to, Black Rhino bullets and Glaser Safety Slugs).

As many commenters point out, there is no purpose in the right to bear arms. It is an unqualified right to bear arms and it has no restrictions placed upon it.

In this regard, law enforcement people and cat lovers with 99 cats in their house are on the same side: no one other than the police should have guns.

Do you think people are entitled to have guns for self-defense or not?


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4 thoughts on “Nervous about gun rights?

  1. Non conservative republicans are just as bad as Dems. The right to bear arms has nothing to do with sporting. But to do with making sure the government does its job and that is protect the constitution.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Tim.
    I think the 2nd Amendment is about you protecting yourself.
    I am heartened to know that non-conservative Republicans are not superior to Dems like conservative Republicans.

  3. There is an agreement inherent to the 2nd amendment in the right given to protect oneself with a firearm. When that right is taken away by state or local, they then bear the responsibility for damages incurred when they do not provide that level of protection.

  4. The 2nd amendment is about protecting oneself. Protection from a tyrannical take over of our government. Once the government starts to take away our 2nd amendment, the government has started down the path of tyranny…….

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