One final (I promise) thought on Mark Sanford

What bothers me most about South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s affair isn’t the fact that he abandoned his wife and children on Father’s Day weekend to be with his mistress – though that is pretty reprehensible. What bothers me the most is his continued statements that his mistress is his soul mate. In an interview with the Associated Press, Gov. Sanford said, “I will be able to die knowing that I had met my soul mate,” and the “soul mate” he’s referring to isn’t his wife.

As a man who’s never taken marriage lightly, I just really want to punch Mark Sanford right in the face, because he’s a Grade-A jackass.


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5 thoughts on “One final (I promise) thought on Mark Sanford

  1. There was a lot to like about Mark Sanford before but he appears determined to make his self destruction complete. There are no excuses for his continued stupidity.None.

  2. Zach…would you please tell us how you feel about Sanford??? I don’t think I got it yet. 😉

  3. Did you hear his wife is willing to “forgive” him even after his public announcement that his mistress is his “soul mate”? Sheesh…

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