Bamboo Brandtjen Goes Full Bluster Bonkers

The cranially overheated chair of the Assembly Elections Committee, GOP Rep. Janel ” Bamboo ” Brandtjen, issued subpoenas Friday to election officials in Brown and Milwaukee counties in an apparent attempt to move forward with an Arizona style, so-called “forensic audit” of the November 2020 election, the same day she spoke at a Madison rally calling for the audit which also featured former Milwaukee County Sheriff David ” best stay out of my jail ” Clarke and Vicki ” gun’em down ” McKenna.

Brandtjen wants ballots, routers, voter names, birthdates, computers, hard drives, flash drives, etc, and if these items don’t produce the desired outcome I expect she’ll subpoena pencils, paperclips, cupholders, clip-on sunglasses, bottles of whiteout, post-it-notes and TV remote controls. All of these items will then, presumably, be shipped off to a cabin in the wilds of Montana where they will be thoroughly examined by….. umm, ahh….. someone.

Standing in the way of everything is GOP Assembly Speaker Robin ” Jesus Christ I wish I didn’t have to deal with this ” Vos who, apparently, has to sign off on the subpoenas before they’re enforceable.

The Wisconsin State Fair will be over by the middle of August. It remains to be seen if the Circus will follow.


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