Bamboo Brandtjen Jumps The Shark

It’s official: GOP Assembly Rep Janel ” Bamboo ” Brandtjen has returned from her trip to Arizona and stated she would like to see an Arizona style ” audit ” of Wisconsin’s November election! What can we expect next?

We’re going to need a ton of UV lights to screen ballots for Trump placed watermarks, fiber experts who can look for traces of bamboo in ballots, super heated rumor mongers who can make wildly false claims on multiple social media platforms, a contingent of pissed off/embarrassed GOP’ers who will holler like hell throughout the entire debacle, several million tax dollars to replace compromised voting machines, clowns with flamethrowers, and the Wisconsin National Guard on standby in case Antifa makes an attempt to disrupt the process .

As an example of the kind of diligent and insightful commentary and reporting readers can expect from Blogging Blue as this saga unfolds, we have obtained exclusive video footage of Bamboo Brandtjen as she observed/participated in the Arizona goings on last weekend. More to come!


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