Sanford’s downfall part of a govt. conspiracy?

According to Phelony Jones, the downfall of disgraced South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford can be traced to one source: the federal government:

Gov. Sanford vs. Gov’t Forces: Let me get this straight

If you fight the government’s orders and advances, they will bring you down by any means necessary.

Yeah, I said it.

And under equal time laws that the government will invariably institute to silence conservatives: for every republican they target – they MUST find one lefty of equal guilt to lambaste and air out.

While I love a good conspiracy theory, I’m wondering if Phelony could explain exactly how the government brought down Mark Sanford. Did the government force him to desert his family on Father’s Day weekend to go spend some time with his mistress on another continent? Better yet, did the government force Sanford to send racy emails to said mistress? Ultimately, Mark Sanford – and only Mark Sanford – is responsible for the mess he’s in.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go see about ordering a tinfoil hat to send to Phelony…


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9 thoughts on “Sanford’s downfall part of a govt. conspiracy?

  1. Ah ha! Another post about Mark Sanford! Sort of…anyways…;) What’s worse is he left without leaving anyone in charge for five days and the S.C. GOP has not asked him to resign. Crazy! Only in America. LOL…

    1. This post isn’t so much about Mark Sanford as it’s about the crazy conspiracy theory that the government took him down because he’s a conservative who opposed the stimulus.

  2. This is the third unrelated time in two days that someone I know has referenced a campaign to take out Republican presidential candidates.
    First, I heard that it was the DNC and secret files, then it was about Mitt Romney clearing the room, and now some mysterious government will thwart both Republicans and Democrats.
    (It is not enough to blame it all on Bilderbergers, I tell you.)
    It has been one Republican presidential candidate each month since February, hasn’t it?
    With this type of craftiness,I am thinking that Gingrich and Rove have teamed up to clean out weak Republicans. Other thoughts?

    1. PB, you might be on to something…perhaps this is all a conspiracy by Newt and Rove to clear the field for a preferred candidate!

  3. If Newt and Rove are involved, it is a campaign and not a conspiracy…lol

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