All they need are pitchforks and torches

Earlier this week, I wrote about the lobbyist-organized efforts to disrupt town halls and listening sessions being held by Democratic Representatives on their August recess, and I also noted these mobs have hit close to home, disrupting a meeting held by Rep. Steve Kagen.

As I’ve been thinking about these mobs, I’ve come to the conclusion they can’t really be considered full-fledged “angry mobs” until they’ve got pitchforks and torches:

Here’s the DNC’s take on the mobs of health care reform opponents disrupting meetings held by Democratic Representatives:


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3 thoughts on “All they need are pitchforks and torches

  1. Nice DNC talking points. I saw coverage of the Kagen meetings and yes some people were emotional and vocal, but hardly a “mob.”

    Gee, citizens actually showing up to voice their opinions to their elected official. The horror! So what if they are angry. Kagen should know that his constituents are angry about him possibly voting for a certain bill that will create bigger government. How else is he supposed to know where his district stands?

    How come people weren’t characterized as angry mobs when they were protesting the Iraq war and President Bush?

  2. Really? Angry mobs protesting against Bush? I remember first amendment zones, people being arrested for wearing Kerry shirts at Bush rallies, and republican only events. Town Halls are meant for congressmen to get to hear the people. Only they can’t when thugs are yelling over everybody else who is trying to ask a question, or the congressman trying to answer. These tactics are nothing new to the republicans; I attended a Kerry rally in downtown Milwaukee where a few thugs from the Waukesha republican party tried to yell over the speakers. This is not an exercise of free speech, but an attempt to stop free speech.

  3. Town hall meetings were one of the last places citizens could interact one on one with elected reps. Elected officials are not going to do town halls if they are going to be misused by loud thugs. The GOP keeps playing to the lowest common denominator. Next they will be encouraging death squads. Sore losers should all just quit, like Palin and Martinez!

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