The far-right fringe strikes again!

Here’s yet another example of those classy conservatives over at Right View Wisconsin, in this case Amy Geiger-Hemmer, expressing her thoughts on Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett being attacked by a pipe-wielding assailant (emphasis mine):

The second thought that came to mind, knowing that Barrett is a staunch liberal, was why didn’t the mayor just offer to go sit down for a chat with the offender? (At least he had the courage to whip out his cell phone and dial 911! Never mind that he chose not to intervene physically to defend the woman that was being attacked…) After all, according to the liberal mindset, criminals are usually considered victims, too. They have feelings and needs! Why didn’t Barrett reach out and offer to console the attacker? Find out what was bothering him? After all, maybe the woman who was being beaten had said or done something that angered him. She may have been to blame! Many times in liberal land, we know that there is more concern shown for criminals than their victims. Which is why so many of us are against activist judges in our court systems. Activist judges, as we have seen, will bend over backwards in favor of criminals, disregarding their evil deeds and forgetting about the true victims.

While usually I wouldn’t encourage anyone to read the garbage posted over at Right View Wisconsin, I encourage you, my dear readers, to subject yourself to what Amy Geiger-Hemmer wrote about Tom Barrett, because it’s an eye-opening look at just how low far-right fringe conservatives are willing to sink to spew their talking points.

For being an absolute jackass, Amy Geiger-Hemmer is my “Idiot of the Week.”


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19 thoughts on “The far-right fringe strikes again!

  1. Typical leftist response to legitimate criticism of their twisted view of the world. Attack and vilify, stoop to name calling and ridicule the speaker. Contempt for the truth is a pathetically weak form of rebuke. Next time, try to use believable reason to discredit the statements of your adversary and you may not end up looking shallow and spiteful.

  2. I agree Zach. I really try not to get into the name calling crap (although sometimes can’t help myself)…but she really is an idiot. I remember once I was agreeing with her…and she was still arguing with me. She’s just stuck on stupid…and I can’t understand why no one in her life who cares about her doesn’t tell her she is embarrassing herself on the internet. It’s pointless to engage with people like her…IMO.

  3. This is really beyond the pale — even for two bit hack like whatever the hell her name is. It really warrants an apology to Barrett and his family from both the author, the web site and the web site’s owner. A person is severely injured acting bravely and selflessly and AGH takes back her condolences. That takes gall on an unprecedented level.

    And Sam, how’s this for a “legitimate criticism” of your argument: Go fuck yourself.

  4. I had no idea who you were talking about, so I went to read for myself. It’s a pretty classless piece of work.

    See! We agree on something, Zach. But please, lay this at the feet of the one author, not conservatives. Put the gal that wrote that in a cage with a warning sign, and remember, she doesn’t speak for all of us.

    My heart is with Tom Barrett right now. God bless him and heal him and put him to work again soon.

    1. Cindy, I know AGH does’t speak for all conservatives, which is why I made a point to note she’s a member of the crazies over at Right View Wisconsin.

  5. JB, do you believe everything you read. Do you not ask the questions that appear to be obvious? Why did the mayor endanger the lives of his children and his charges? To play the hero? His first responsibility was to the children. He played the fool and interfered in a domestic dispute that was not his business. This is not heroic, it is stupid. But what else would you expect from a publicity seeking,deluded,officious imbecile. Brought a cell phone to a pipe fight. Too bad we were not relieved of suffering another leftist destroying our government and country. The actions of the mayor were no more intelligent that your post.

    1. Sam, do you really believe in turning a blind eye when you see criminal acts being committed? Further, he didn’t seek out the situation; he and his family happened upon it while they were walking to their car.

      I’ll just chalk you up as one of those fringe-right folks, seeing as how you believe in turning a blind eye while a pipe-wielding criminal does whatever he wants to his victim.

      Have a great afternoon!

  6. Zach,I do not interfere in the business of others if it does not directly affect me. I would not stand by and watch a woman be assaulted. But I carry a firearm and must not inject myself in a simple argument because if I was attacked by a pipe wielding thug I would have to defend myself. Unless I can be certain that the woman was in mortal danger it would be unwise for me to create a situation that might result in a death. The same goes for a citizen (be it mayor or otherwise) that might happen upon a dispute that did not clearly require intervention to save a life. He had a cell phone. The proper course of action (especially with children present) would have been to keep his distance and call the police. He should not have put the children in danger. That was his first responsibility. Seriously Zach, someone with your limited ability to reason should not be writing a blog. Have a better day.

    1. “Seriously Zach, someone with your limited ability to reason should not be writing a blog.”

      When all else fails, resort to the personal attack, right Sam?

      Personally, I don’t put much stock in what you say, as you’ve proven you’re a hack, and what’s worse, you’re a coward who’d turn a blind eye and allow a woman to be beaten by an assailant while you went on your merry way.

      Have a better day, Sam!

  7. Zach, what a pathetic retort. But thank you for creating the perfect example to make my point for me. Your considered (sarcasm) response is simply name calling, finished with a charge that is not a realistic interpretation of what I said. But that is the device of choice for those that lack the capacity for intellectual honesty. My suggestion that perhaps you should find another diversion was an attempt to lead you away from any further embarrassment. Have a better life.

    1. The only person who’s embarrassing himself is you, with your “I’d turn a blind eye and let a man beat on a woman” statements.

      You’re an embarrassment to good, decent men who’d do the right thing if they witnessed a woman being attacked, and what’s worse, you seem proud of the fact that you’d simply walk away if faced with a situation similar to one Mayor Barrett found himself in. That speaks volumes about the type of person you are, and that’s why I’m not really terribly worried about your opinion of me.

      However, this thread isn’t about me; it’s about kooks like Amy Geiger-Hemmer. Got anything to add to your defense of AGH?

  8. No,Zach. This is about you. You don’t write this lame blog for any other reason. You think you are smart. But I suggest you read your post. Your opinion of yourself might take a beating. Really Zach, maybe you should re-read my post. You seem unable to comprehend a few simple statements. Your replies demonstrate a level of understanding that is extremely…well, I can only say deficient. You don’t make any discernible points. You repeat yourself even when it is clear that your first statement was incomprehensible. I never said I would walk away from a woman being attacked. Hell we don’t even know that she was “attacked”. The only indication that there was a problem at all in the article was that someone supposedly screamed for a 911 call. WTF, people call 911 when they didn’t get what they ordered at McDonald’s. It is too bad you weren’t there. You could have gotten your dumb butt kicked too. But I doubt it would have taught you anything. You seem too be unable to learn.

  9. Zach, let me clarify that last sentence. Every time you post you expose your ignorance and low level of intelligence further. Yet, you continue. Learning nothing. Only a fool would continue to embarrass himself the way you have. Get with it man.

  10. Lordy, Sam. Pop a couple of Midol and sleep on it. You’ve proven nothing. Your omniscience is really a sight to behold in this situation. Plus, I can’t get passed the idea that you carry a firearm.


  11. Just to clarify, I’m not scared of your firearm. I am scared that you are allowed a firearm.

    It’s sad you resort to making fun of my picture. I’ll interpret your quip as a failed rebuttal.

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