The Open Book Coop

If you live on Milwaukee’s North Shore and you like to read, you should check out the Open Book Coop:

We are in our final week of our membership drive, and we need everyone who would like to support a bookstore in the North Shore to sign up.

Signing up is easy. Just go to and click on the Purchase Membership button. You can sign up either on PayPal or download a membership form.

Basic memberships start at $50 for a lifetime discount of 10% either at the store or on-line. If you are interested in the higher levels, that would be great and would get us to our membership goal faster.


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8 thoughts on “The Open Book Coop

  1. If you live on Milwaukee’s North Shore and you like to read, you should check out BOSWELL BOOKS. This is an already existing independent bookstore, and it needs our support far more than this new book co-op, probably because once this “Open Book” store opens, Boswell will loose all of its business and be forced to close.

      1. Zach,
        An independent bookstore needs to sell 3000 to 5000 dollars of books a day to pay costs and employees. Boswell is just starting to be viable, and this new bookstore may turn out to be competition instead of a supplement to the North Shore/Eastside. I just want people to also realize that for the price of convenience, they may be costing a storeowner his individual investment and several old Shorewood employees, now Boswell employees, their jobs.

  2. If Boswell is concerned about the competition maybe they should look at their customer service and the attitude of the management.

  3. Actually we wish Boswell every success in the world. Hardly any of the people we’ve talked to about Open Book are shopping at Boswell now. Ultimately, both Boswell and Open Book will be fine.

    1. Keith, thanks for sharing. It would certainly seem there’s plenty of room for Boswell Books and the Open Book Coop, and I’m sure the two stores will each fill a niche within the community.

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