8 thoughts on “Rep. Alan Grayson talks health care with Wolf Blitzer

  1. The lead singer for Spike Jones and his City Slickers was named Carl Grayson. Any relation I wonder?

    But seriously folks….

    While I believe Congressman Grayson is one of the good guys and sympathize with his anger, it always makes me a tad uneasy to see these donkeys behaving like elephants. Just a thought.


    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

  2. He says he wants reasoned debate and then he dismisses it outright and procedes with yet more name calling, hyperbole, and polarizing spin. Wow. I wonder if he’ll ever be able to sit down at a table and reason with anyone? From what I’ve seen in the last two clips of this Congressman, I have my doubts.

    I mean even James Carville, shook his head and said, “Well, it does make for good tv.”

  3. I love it – “knuckle-dragging neanderthals.” The GOP have their pearls, crosses and caduceus in a quiver over someone going after them with the same baloney they’ve been aiming at the Dems ever since the people elected Dems to make some changes in the disaster they created over the past eight years. We need to see more of this backbone from people like Grayson, Frank and other articulate speakers. Instead of rolling over and letting the right get away with their malarkey, hit them with the hypocrisy of their positions with a strong statement like this.

  4. Backbone? This is nothing but dkos type venom coming from a Congressman, that instead should be actually getting stuff done instead of polarizing us all further.

    1. Rich, what are the Republicans trying to get done to tackle health care reform, besides saying, “No” to everything Democrats propose?

  5. Zack what are the dems doing to tackle health care reform besides lying to the american people that Wilson was on to something Obama was lying Obama lies Obama lies Obama lies

    1. ray, I’ll answer your question when you answer mine. What are Republicans doing to tackle health care reform besides saying no to everything Democrats propose?

  6. What you call “saying no”, I see as asking the President to live up to his own word.


    Get rid of the public option. Get a plan that works. And many many many in the GOP (and Dems too!) will applaud that. Then we can all claim a mutual victory.

    But insist on a public option and be polarizing to try to force a plan that won’t work and um yeah ubetcha I expect my elected leaders to do the right thing and endeavor for legislation that’s better than that.

    Or are you saying that we should not expect the President to live up to his word?

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