So who’s the target??

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, State Sen. Lena Taylor testified today in a secret John Doe proceeding at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. During a previous appearance at the John Doe proceeding, Sen. Taylor refused to answer questions, citing her right against self-incrimination, however she testified today under a promise of immunity from a prosecutor examining suspected criminal violations (emphasis mine):

The prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf, declined to say what was being investigated in the John Doe. Landgraf handles public corruption cases for the Milwaukee District Attorney’s Office. His recent cases involve alleged election violations and campaign finance violations.

Sources with knowledge of the proceeding said Taylor (D-Milwaukee) is not the target of this criminal investigation.

So if Sen. Taylor isn’t the target of the criminal investigation, who is?


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10 thoughts on “So who’s the target??

  1. Or…why would Sen. Taylor be afraid to answer questions?? If she can’t answer questions without worrying about incriminating herself then she needs to resign. Again…ethically challenged *elected* officials.

    1. You raise an excellent point, Anon. Any elected official who has to plead the Fifth during an investigation they’re not the target of should give serious consideration to resigning their office.

      1. Why should they give it serious consideration?
        With today’s statutes, one can practically be indicted for knowing about criminal behavior and illegal activity, a la co-conspirator and RICOH.
        I am more inclined to believe in witch hunts by prosecutors and investigators making names for themselves than in actual criminal activity.
        There is an expectation today that politicians are lily white. One forgets that politicians also have learning curves and teachable moments. One does not become wise without moral, political, and personal mistakes. When those mistakes are in the same room as outright criminal behavior by others, one is wise to protect oneself.

        1. Wow…and I thought I was cynical. You do make a good point PB…about the witch hunts…but I don’t think most people have expectations for our politicians to be “lily white”. In fact…the more they make themselves appear to be “lily white” the more I am skeptical of them. You know…like with the conservatives and all their family values/being gay is immoral/religious rhetoric…and then the next thing you know they are playing footsies in the airport john with an undercover cop.

        2. I don’t expect politicians to be lily white in all aspects of their lives; after all, no one’s perfect. However, I do expect that they’re not breaking the law.

  2. I’m starting to suspect Barrett. He certainly got Taylor on board for his takeover of the schools. Was there a quid pro quo? Why has he been so reluctant to enter the Governor’s race? Why did he not play the anticipated role in Obama’s recent visit to Madison? I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    1. Yeah, I’d hate to think Mayor Barrett would be involved with any illegalities, but I suppose I wouldn’t be shocked, because politics can be a dirty business.

      However, I think Barrett’s reluctance to enter the governor’s race has more to do with the fact that he has a young family that he doesn’t want to uproot.

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