Lena Taylor gets involved in the looming NFL labor strife

State Sen. Lena Taylor wants to get involved in the labor strife that’s looming between NFL owners and the players’ union following the 2010 season. To that end, Sen. Taylor has fired off a letter to Packers Team President Mark Murphy, and in the letter she makes it abundantly clear that she views a lockout by NFL owners as a breach of the covenant between the team and taxpayers. Sen. Taylor goes on to extend an offer for Murphy to call on her as he needs, and I can’t help but wonder…what could Packers Team President Mark Murphy possibly need from State Senator Lena Taylor?

What’s more, I’m wondering if Sen. Taylor sent a similar letter to the NFL Players Association, as there’s no guarantee they won’t just go on strike if the NFL’s labor issues aren’t resolved prior to the 2011 season.


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3 thoughts on “Lena Taylor gets involved in the looming NFL labor strife

  1. “Look at me, I’m important!”

    Jeesh – the thought process of politicians is just absolutely puzzling. Nothing better to do than try to meddle with an entertainment industry?

    Though truth be told, you hint at the likely motivation. It’s really hard to imagine this is anything other than showing she’s pro-union & anti-management. Which always amuses me – poor, manipulated & taken advantage of multi-millionaires in pro sports.

  2. Actually, the reason this situation is being called a ‘lockout’ and not a ‘strike’ is because it is the ownership that is refusing to resign the collective bargaining agreements and asking for changes.

    If Walmart told its employees that they were going to start docking their pay to pay for store renovations, everyone in their right minds would be sending letters to the CEO of Walmart, and no one would be b*%&$ing about a state senator ‘meddling’.

    And it is cause for concern for both the state legislature and the taxpayers, as it was the state legislature that introduced the legislation to TAX constituents for the upgrades to Lambeau Field that Bob Harlan claimed he needed. I would guess just about anything that Lena Taylor represents the constituents of Brown County where that 0.5% sales tax increase went into effect.

    I would be livid, too, if I were a taxpayer in Brown County.

  3. Actually, Dave Hansen is the Packers’ state senator.

    Lena’s even out in front of Ed Garvey on this one. (For you youngsters, Ed ran the first football strike as head of the NFLPA in the 80s)

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