Dave the Dictator?

I’ve had a lot of fun commenting on the foibles and ridiculousness of Sen. Russ Feingold’s Republican opponents (or prospective opponents, in the case of Tommy Thompson, but Jim Arndt over at Pretty Important Politics takes things to a whole new level, pointing out how Sen. Feingold’s opponents run the gamut of ridiculous, from the ridiculous to the ridiculous.

Case in point is Watertown Republican Dave Westlake, who apparently thinks he’ll be able eliminate government programs and cut taxes all by himself (emphasis mine):

There are two things that I’m going to be famous for in the U.S. Senate: 1. Eliminating government programs, and 2. cutting taxes. No one—regardless of party or position—will stand in my way of getting this done. This is required for us to emerge from our current economic woes…and it’s the essence of how government is supposed to function.

Last time I checked, no one individual in any branch of our nation’s government could act unilaterally, and the fact that Dave “Protecting the Constitution” Westlake doesn’t understand that speaks volumes about his candidacy.


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7 thoughts on “Dave the Dictator?

      1. This coming from such a political expert hey Zach? What is it that you do for a living?

        1. I don’t presume to be an expert, but I think I’m smarter than the average bear when it comes to all things political.

          As for my day job, that’s not hard to figure out, if you pay attention.

      2. Junior Senator is still a title that allows him to vote on matters that affect all of us. Maybe he will be able to stand up for the people he represents rather than running from the truth!

        1. I’d love to hear you explain how, as Wisconsin’s junior senator (and one of 100 U.S. Senators) Dave Westlake would be able to single-handedly reduce the size of government and lower taxes without anyone stopping him.

          After all, that’s what Westlake said.

  1. Again I point out that the media has gravitated away from factual investigative reporting and has become the mouth piece for the Republican and Democratic parties. I have experience in representative government and understand the process. Yes I want things done, but what I bring to the table is the knowledge to move the senate. But I don’t have a D or R behind my name so unless your readers are the curious types you won’t see my credentials here. But when you see me knocking on your door be sure to ask.

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