Right winger calls for vandalism to Congressional offices

Mike Vanderboegh, a 57-year-old former militiaman from Alabama has advocated violence, terrorism and brick throwing vandalism against Democratic Congresspersons who supported health care reform legislation. On his blog, Vanderboegh rails against the eeeeevil government:

“The central fact of the health-care bill is this, and we find it tyrannical and unconstitutional on its face. The federal government now demands all Americans to pay and play in this system, and if we refuse, we will be fined, and if we refuse to pay the fine, they will come to arrest us, and if we resist arrest . . . then we will be killed. The bill certainly doesn’t say that, but that’s exactly and precisely what is behind every bill like this.”

But here’s the ironic part – for all Mike Vanderboegh’s anti-government ranting, Vanderboegh is receiving a “taxpayer handout” in the form of monthly disability checks. Vanderboegh receives $1,300 a month from the government because of his congestive heart failure, diabetes and hypertension, leaving me to wonder if he’ll give up his taxpayer-paid “handout” for his cause. After all, shouldn’t Mike Vanderboegh stand on his own two feet and be self-reliant, instead of relying on the government for a handout, just like all those folks who don’t have the benefit of government-provided health insurance?

As if Vanderboegh’s anti-government rantings on his blog weren’t disturbing enough, he’s also advocating for violence against any Congressional supporters of health care reform:

“To all modern Sons of Liberty: THIS is your time. Break their windows. “Break them NOW. Break them and run to break again. Break them under cover of night. Break them in broad daylight. Break them and await arrest in willful, principled civil disobedience. Break them with rocks. Break them with slingshots. Break them with baseball bats. But BREAK THEM.”

While Mike Vanderboegh is just talking about anti-liberal violence, others on the right are actually turning to violence, as evidenced by a a situation in Nashville, Tennessee, where an individuals was so enraged by a Barack Obama bumper sticker on a car that he plowed his SUV into the car, which contained a 10 year-old-girl and her father. No doubt the flames of the violence we’re seeing is being fanned by a number of sources, including members of Congress, with one – Rep. Devin Nunes of California comparing Nancy Pelosi to noted dictators Saddam Hussein and Robert Mugabe, while also making sure to call Capitol Hill staffers “‘staff thugs.” Not to be outdone, the Republican National Committee has rejected a proposal from its Democratic counterpart to sign a joint “civility” statement:

Members of the DNC contacted the RNC this week in hopes of getting RNC Chairman Michael Steele to co-sign a document that, in part called for “elected officials of both parties to set an example of the civility we want to see in our citizenry.

Anyone who knows me or who has read this blog knows I’m a fierce advocate of debate, and while I recognize that folks who are passionate about their beliefs can sometimes take things a little too far, resorting to violence because of political differences is

H/T to Democurmudgeon.


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