The Right Wing GOP Loses it on HCR

Woo hoo!

The GOP, tea party & right wing wacko consortium are losing it after the passage of health care reform that guarantees coverage for Americans.  They seem to find concepts  like no lifetime caps on coverage, no insurance rescission if you get sick, no pre-existing disease exclusions as alien rights that should not be part of the American social net.  With candidates and office holders alike jumping on the “Kill the Bill” bandwagon, it is clear that they don’t value the sanctity of life unless it is a cluster of cells in the uterus.  As evidence of this activity, we have 12 Republican Attorney Generals including Cucinelli of VA who I’ve covered before, joining the cleverly labeled GAG US group (Grandstanding Attorney Generals United in Stupidity) to challenge the legality of the health care reform bill.  I’m happy to see, that as of now, our Republican Attorney General doesn’t seem to be trying to jump on this bandwagon even if Gubernatorial candidates Neuman and Walker seem to think this is the way to go.

Neumann sees the health care reform bill passage as a way to raise money for his losing campaign as evidenced by this Google ad.

Mark Neuman Kill the Bill Fundraising Ad

Beyond the political posturing, the GOP opposition to health care reform has unleashed a slew of scary and damaging actions including multiple examples of uncivil behavior, property damage and calls for violence taking place around the country.   Before the election, we saw this in the racist attacks on John Lewis with the use of the  “n word” and the anti-GLBT attacks on Barney Frank with the “f word“.  During the vote, we saw this with TX GOP Representative Randy Neugebauer yelling out “Baby Killer” to conservative Democratic Representative Bart Stupak when he supported health care reform.  After the vote, Bart Stupak is reporting that he’s received many obscenity laden calls on his home phone.  In New Jersey, following the posting by a blogger of the alleged home address  for Tom Periello, a Democratic Representative who voted for the bill, (it was actually his brother’s home address), potentially life threatening vandalism occurred when the gas line to the home was slashed according to ThinkProgress.  Around the country, the offices of Democratic officeholders and of the local Democratic Party have been vandalized as radical right wing zealots toss bricks through windows in these buildings.

Robert Scheer on TruthDig has clearly framed the results of the “party of no’s” actions in the political arena as evidenced in this quote.

“As it is, however, the lock-step march of the Republicans in radical resistance to even the most modest proposals to heal a deeply ailing nation leaves the Democrats as the only party that matters. The Republicans are a party of incoherent rage, and while they might temporarily succeed as demagogues, they are now acknowledged strangers to fact and logic—not to mention compassion.”

This musical video montage with John Boehner’s angry posturing and Obama’s Yes We Can, captures the spirit of what is happening today.

Hat tip to Pam’s House Blend

I spoke too soon about GOP AG Van Hollen not jumping on the GAG US band wagon to sue the United States against health care reform.  According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Van Hollen decided to seek the Democrats approval to sue over health care reform, four days after the law was passed.


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17 thoughts on “The Right Wing GOP Loses it on HCR

  1. I still fear for November though as much as I believe Dems may lose a few seats but still maintain a full majority in both the House and the Senate, these right wing tea party bigots with there white sheets will somehow manipulate the simple minded and unfortunately short attention spans of America and get there way. I pray that am I’m wrong….but then again November is 8 months away, why worry now?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I hope that the Democratic Party sees what getting things done does for their supporters and continues to press forward in a positive way that shows the American people that the “party of no” has no ideas, no direction and no vision for the future.

    2. What an offensive post Cudahyresident. Because I oppose government intervention health care I am a bigot with a white sheet? Real nice. And so typical of your side to resort to name calling. Of course we all must be racists if we oppose Obama and big government. Ridiculous.

      Why can’t you enjoy your little “victory” with something positive instead of taking a disrepectful shot at a majority of Americans who opposed this bill. I’ll see you in the health care line in about 20 years.

      1. I believe cudahy was referring to “these right wing tea party bigots…” Are you one of these? It sounds like they were being referred to directly. So identify with them if you want, thats your call.

        “And so typical of your side to resort to name calling.” Maybe you should head over to rdw and find out what name calling is really like. I experience it EVERYDAY I post over there.

        1. His comment implied anyone who wanted to overturn the bill was a right wing bigot who was going to manipulate voters. I am not a bigot and don’t identify with anyone who is. Just saying I don’t want to be considered someone with a white sheet, just because I don’t like a health care bill.

          Suddenly to oppose this “wonderful” bill liberals are using labels of racism (Cudahyresient), unpatriotism (Anon), selfishness (Rep. McDermott), and segregation (blowhard Chris Matthews) for anyone goes against it, which if I remember is a tactic liberals complained about day and night just a few years ago.

          1. I think saying cudahy was calling everyone against this bill “…right wing tea party bigots…” is a little bit of a stretch. I would think cudahy was referring to the unconfirmed reports of the insults thrown at members of the house the other day.

            For every word that has been used against those that do not favor the bill, just as bad words have been used to describe those who are for it.

            Where does playing the victim card end?

            1. I suppose threatening a Rep’s children is okay with you? I suppose posting someone’s address online and offering directions to the home in order to “pay them a visit” is okay with you?

              You guys are in the minority…elections have consequences. You should get used to it.

              Also, I’m tired of Republicans saying that this bill passed on partisan lines. It was obstructed on partisan lines, but there were Dems that voted against it. Get it right.

  2. There’s a lot of time between now and November, and while it’s likely Democrats will lose some seats (the party in power typically does during a midterm election), I don’t think November will be a Democratic bloodbath.

  3. MadCity, what’s wrong with “losing it” over bad legislation that expands the federal government? Oh I forgot, liberals like that sort of thing. Of course I want people to have affordable and quality health care, whether it’s grandma or a living, beating-heart uterus (nice try on the “cluter of cells” though, showing your true colors!), but that doesn’t mean I have to agree that this particular bill was the way to do it. How does this bill lower costs? And it forces every American to buy a private good (that’s an f’in big deal!).

    Then you go on to pick out a few moron protesters (still waiting for real evidence of that) and some not-so-nice phone calls to Congressmen (I’m sure a Republican Congressman has never, ever received these types of phone calls). You might want to ask the Republican Party office about vandalism, I think that has happened a time or two. Ask President Bush about being called bad names. And I am sorry to hear about Rep. Periello’s gas line being cut — does anyone know where Gwen Moore’s son was?

    So take your little victory lap. Granted, you have the Dem majorities to pass this kind of garbage. But don’t be dumbfounded or upset when not everyone else is happy. Don’t expect me to like it.

    You can bet I will be supporting any candidate who advocates “repeal and replace.” And yeah I’m worked up enough where I might even throw a few bucks their way or help them out in other ways. I’ll be sure to vote against any politician who voted for this bill. And I know where I’ll be in November. If that’s what you mean by “losing it.”

    1. Thanks for your comments. Your welcome to vote however you want come November, but a vote for repealing a law that protects health care rights for Americans is a wasted vote, given that this is the law of the land and the majority of Americans support this change according to most recent polling ( I’d suggest that you stop listening to the political hacks on Fox News so that you can get the real facts. To find out more about the violence of the anti-hcr tea party read this

      Your attacks on almost every single post here on Blogging Blue are amusing and appreciated for their humor.

      1. No, it’s a vote for repeal of another unsustainable government program. My only question is how long we can keep it up. I will ask again, why don’t you have a problem with the federal government forcing you to purchase a product from a private company?

        FYI, I don’t ever watch Fox News. I actually think for myself instead of reposting DNC videos and talking points. But I’m no longer shocked by your sterotypical slams.

        I wouldn’t consider my comments attacks, just my insightful commentary on an otherwise blog that basically says “ditto” to whatever is posted to make yourselves feel good. You seem to have a problem with honest criticism, debate and having your ideas challenged. But this isn’t the first time you have demeaned my comments and it really shows your true colors that you can’t take any alternative viewpoint seriously. At least Zach appears to respect everyone that posts and I respect him for that and his often insightful posts, even if I disagree (which isn’t always).

        1. So you think the Republicans are going to get enough seats to over ride a veto from Obama? Because, no matter how dumb you think he is, he will not repeal this. Which means you need 2/3 majority right? Correct me if I am wrong.

          I don’t think there are that many seats open this november, and I don’t think the dems who voted for who are not up for re-election will change their minds.

          1. No I don’t think enough seats will be gained to override a veto under Obama, though stranger things have happened. When did I ever say I thought Obama was dumb? I just happen to disagree with his agenda. I never questioned his intelligence or strategic ability (that something only liberals seem to do regularly with those whom they disagree with). But you need to elect a new Congress first in 2010 to have the ability to do anything with electing a new president in 2012.

            I have no idea whether Republicans will win a lot of seats in the fall or Democrats will hold for the most part. They will likely lose seats, as this has been the historical trend (every time in modern history I think except 2002). Right now I’m not entirely optimistic, because if you give enough people government benefits, most of them will keep voting for the people who give them shiny new things, no matter the cost or long-term effects or who’s picking up the tab.

            Also, with today’s news in the NEW YORK TIMES (not FoxNews contrary to MadCityMan’s perception) , “Social Security to See Payout Exceed Pay-In This Year” ( That’s 6 years ahead of schedule, whoa! Would have been nice if BHO and the Dem Congress decided to fix existing problems before creating new ones.

  4. Are you saying that rising healthcare costs and premiums, recision, denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, and etc were newly created problems?

    I think Bill Clinton would have something to say about that.

    1. Nope, I am saying that the health care bill that just passed *IS* the newly created problem.

  5. Newsflash.

    The tax day Tea Party Event in Madison (April 15, 2010)has petitioned the City to park free in one of Madison’s City Parks. These people that are wanting to park here free and bus to the Capitol are not taxpayers in the City of Madison and do not deserve to utilize the services that all Madison residents have paid for with tax revenues.

    Never mind the fact that these Teabaggers are coming to protest taxes in the first place. I say, charge them the going rate for downtown parking or refuse to allow them to use City of Madison Parks land for their political agenda.

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