Kyle Maichle of “Mike Tate Watch” needs to work on those comprehension skills

In a recent blog post, Kyle Maichle of the Mike Tate Watch blog breathlessly notes how Democratic Party of Wisconsin chair Mike Tate used “racial references” to attack Republican Congressional candidate Sean Duffy:

In another sign of of their lack of regard for respect to all people, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin again is using racial references to attack Sean Duffy over the new immigration law signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. This is the third time in the past year the State Democratic Party leader is using racial references to attack conservatives.

At face value, Maichle’s accusations certainly sound serious, until one actually reads the press release issued by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and discovers Mike Tate didn’t actually use “racial references” to attack Sean Duffy; the DPW press release merely noted that the new anti-immigrant/racial profiling law in Arizona would encourage “German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques.” Nowhere in the DPW’s press release was Sean Duffy referred to as a “German Nazi and Russian Communist” as Maichle would have his three or four readers believe, but given Maichle’s creepy obsession with Mike Tate, I’m not one bit shocked he’d “bend” the truth to suit his obsession.


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4 thoughts on “Kyle Maichle of “Mike Tate Watch” needs to work on those comprehension skills

  1. Zach,
    You are using Gableman logic to defend Mike Tate here. I read the press release, the implication is that Duffy is a racist for not responding how he would enforce Arizonia law.

    Frankly, Mike Tate is a partisan hack. Heck, he’s the Democrats version of Scott Walker.

  2. Not surprising that this is coming from the Democrats. I’ve had too many conversations with Democratic lawmakers that tell me, “That’s not what the bill says” even thought the intent of the bill is obvious. I challenge all politicians to stop misleading the public. Doesn’t matter if it’s a press release or a legislative bill, I believe it would be a lie to say that there was no discussion of strategic intent associated with the action. The words verbatim might not refer directly to Sean Duffy as a German nazi or Russian communist but the intent is to associate Mr. Duffy with those words. “Oh yea, I remember reading something about Sean Duffy and communists, I’m not going to vote for him”. These statements are carefully thought out misrepresentations of the facts. Mike Tate is the master of spin/lies.

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