Some Earth Day news & notes

  • The Clean Energy Jobs Act, legislation geared towards cutting greenhouse gas emissions and boosting the state’s green economy appears to be dead after Democrats in the State Assembly failed to take up the legislation in an all-night session that began late Tuesday night and went into Wednesday morning. Governor Jim Doyle was quick to criticize opponents of the legislation, issuing a statement saying, “I see (opponents) as defending the coal industry and the natural gas industry and the petroleum industry, none of which are creating jobs in Wisconsin.”
  • In honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Senator Russ Feingold issued a statement honoring the founder of Earth Day, Wisconsin’s own Gaylord Nelson:

    “There are few members of this body, past or present, who have left such a valuable legacy. Today I’m proud to help celebrate that legacy with a resolution in the House and Senate celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and its founder. And as we look ahead to the many challenges we face, we can draw strength from the example Gaylord set for us all. He drove tremendous change, and, with Earth Day, created a new momentum that has been critical to so many efforts to protect the health of our environment.”

  • While Sen. Feingold is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and wants to honor its founder, let’s not forget that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Terrence Wall believes global warming is “hogwash.” The fact that Wall believes global warming is “hogwash” is no surprise, given the fact that during an appearance on WVCY’s “In Focus” program earlier this year, Wall noted, “I think that um, I’m, I am not at all, believing one cent of this whole global warming thing.”

    Considering Terrence Wall doesn’t know the difference between weather and climate (as he demonstrated during his appearance on “In Focus”), I hardly think he’s in any position to say with any certainty whether global warming is believable or not, but as the Democratic Party of Wisconsin pointed out in a press release issued yesterday, NASA scientists reported in January that the last 10 years were the hottest decade in over 2,000 years, with 2009 being the second warmest on record.


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2 thoughts on “Some Earth Day news & notes

  1. I often think liberals are the ones who can’t tell the difference between climate and weather. An especially hot day comes along and it’s because of global warming. A snowstorm? Climate change. Not hot? No snow? Well that’s because of climate change too. Don’t forget about hurricanes, mudslides, etc. Whether it’s too many or too few. NASA has no idea what happened in the last 2,000 years.

  2. “President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will board separate jets in Washington on Earth Day morning to fly 250 miles up the east coast to New York, where they will land at separate airports to attend separate events within a few miles of each other.”

    “The parallel visits will delay dozens, if not hundreds of commercial flights at Kennedy and LaGuardia and other nearby airports as no-fly zones are implemented. Jets will be forced to circle and burn more fuel as they wait for the VIPs to come and go. Their security contingents consisting of dozens of cars, SUVs and helicopters will burn even more.”

    2009: “Obama Earth Day Flights Burned More Than 9,000 Gallons Of Fuel”

    These people who claim to care so much about climate change should have their actions match their words, before they lecture the rest of us about measly consumption of our cars, turning off our lights, and mandating that we use lower quality light bulbs. I’ll believe they really believe global warming is a real threat when they start acting like it in their own lives.

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