When will Reince Priebus criticize Republicans for attempting to anoint a gubernatorial candidate?

Let’s take a ride in the wayback machine.

Remember when, just over a month ago, Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin criticized Democrats for hand-picking the preferred Democratic successor to Rep. Dave Obey?

“It appears the Democrat campaign-machine is alive and well in Northern Wisconsin as Congressman Dave Obey is set to anoint his hand-picked successor in the 7th Congressional District. However, Northern Wisconsin is not a kingdom where Dave Obey has the authority to appoint the next 40-year ruler.

Obey may have beaten voters to the punch by retiring before they could fire him, but voters in Northern Wisconsin won’t be fooled into thinking his hand-picked successor will do anything but enable the same failed spending policies that are bankrupting our country.”

What’s really weird is that Priebus apparently doesn’t have a problem with Republicans anointing their hand-picked gubernatorial candidate at their recent convention, nor does he have a problem with prominent state Republicans conspiring to force Mark Neumann out of the Republican gubernatorial primary.


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12 thoughts on “When will Reince Priebus criticize Republicans for attempting to anoint a gubernatorial candidate?

  1. Are you serious?

    The party voted on and endorsement at their state convention, just like yours did.

    That is a far cry from the party picking one candidate to try and avoid a primary process.

    You have an uncanny ability to draw parallels where they do not exist.

    1. Fred needs to get his facts straight. The Democratic Party didn’t endorse any candidates at the DPW convention, unlike Republicans at their convention.

      Sure, both conventions had a straw poll, but that poll was conducted by WisPolitics.

  2. Well Ed, there weren’t too many candidates in contested races to vote on were there, ergo no need to vote for endorsements.

    Zach did make reference to Henry Sanders straw poll win. (Yes, I am aware that was sponsored by Wis Politics)

    The point remains Wisconsin Democrats did everything in their power to see that races were not contested.

    1. What sort of contested races are you looking for Fred?
      We have a Dem incumbent treasurer facing a primary challenge, and a definite contested race for lt. gov. Barrett will obviously be our nominee for governor but nobody is trying to force Tim John out. That seems a lot cleaner than what is going on between Neumann and Walker. And I don’t believe anyone affiliated with the party has meddled between the Republican-turned-Democrat and Lassa.

    2. “The point remains Wisconsin Democrats Republicans did everything in their power to see that races were not contested.”

      I went ahead and fixed that error for you, Fred. The fact is, Republicans are desperately trying to force Mark Neumann out of the gubernatorial race.

  3. There are four candidates for Lt Gov, three for Gov, two running for Congress in the 4th CD and two running for State Treasurer…it seems the party only stuck their nose into Obey’s seat…so 1 out of 4 got some attention.

    And yes I realize that most of those extra candidates aren’t threats but the party hasn’t put any pressure on them that I am aware of. Not quite the same as the endorsements for County Exec Walker and Mr Johnson.

  4. Sorry but the Neumann situation is not at all comparable. Initially most had no problem with him providing an honest challenge, “let the better chandidate win” seemed the most common attitude. The thought being that the winner is better for having been “battle-tested” and forced to hone his positions & message. But fact is, Neumann’s not run an honest campaign at all. It’s not about hand-picking Walker, it’s about wanting a scorched-earth, embarassment of a candidate to step aside rather than embarrass and drag everyone down with him. I look forward to a good competition between Barrett & Walker – with a healthy debate of the issues and who has the best solutions to the problems the state is facing. If Walker loses because Neumann’s slime stuck to him, that does no good for the citizens of Wisconsin.

    And that’s not to say Replicans haven’t and won’t engage in the sort of king-making stuff again. It just not the case with Neumann this time.

  5. Neumann’s not run an honest campaign at all.

    LOL! And where in heaven’s name did he learn to do that?

  6. I want Neumann Out of the Race, and it’s not a conspiracy. Mark withdrew his name from consideration at the Convention because he didn’t want the embarrassment of landslide loss. Then Mark and his “Funky Bunch” of pretend protesters acted like they were blocked from attending the convention. He has been distorting Walkers record..and frankly IMHO he needs to challenge Barrett..but he knows he has to slime Walker if he has even a remote chance. So the great conspiracy is over and I suspect around the 4th of July Neumann will surrender. Watch the Polls and the donations. Neumann’s donors seem to be all family!

    Too bad Mark you could’ve been the great hope who slayed the Feingold dragon…But instead your destroying you credibility.

  7. And Mr. Neumann seems confused by his party affilition…what exactly did he think he would accomplish by showing up at the Dem convention? Get the sympathy votes?

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