Cue the outrage brigade!

As first noted by The Chief, Fred Dooley of Real Debate Wisconsin is OUTRAGED that Sen. Russ Feingold’s campaign has assigned a tracker to follow Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson everywhere he goes on the campaign trail. Dooley goes on to call the move “classless,” apparently oblivious to the fact that every statewide or national campaign has someone following their opponent around, unless that campaign is completely clueless and incompetent. Following one’s opponent around the campaign trail is a good way to catch those inevitable gaffes on tape, and if Ron Johnson’s campaign doesn’t have a tracker assigned to follow Sen. Feingold on the campaign trail, then they truly are as incompetent and amateur as they have shown themselves to be thus far.

What I’m wondering – which is the same thing The Chief was wondering – is if Fred Dooley will think it to be “classless” once he discovers that Ron Johnson’s campaign has a tracker of their own.

I’m betting the answer is no.


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46 thoughts on “Cue the outrage brigade!

    1. I didn’t realize the election was being held tomorrow.

      It’s a long time until November, but keep hoping.

      1. More time for all of us who actually work and pay taxes to expose Feingolds ties to Nancy Pelosi, Obama, 10% unemployment, national debt, budget deficit…….

        1. More time for all of us who actually work and pay taxes

          As opposed to the rest of us, who work and pay taxes?

  1. Wait, you linked to a rasmussen poll in July? Wow, I am shocked that it had johnson ahead. SHOCKED! Oh wait, its only 1%. HAHAHA

    1. “It’s a long time until November” — Wonder if you will be laughing then.

    2. You should be shocked. Did you know of Mr. Johnson two or three months ago. Feingold has serious name recognition here in Wisconsin. He is polling under 50% and loosing to an unknown challenger!

    1. I’m afraid the hypocrites are on both sides my friend. I think at times, we are all guilty!

  2. I would agree to a point huh? except for two things. I have never seen the Democratic Party take the moral high ground, and they do not have the pure blatant hypocrisy that the republican party has(although they are probably close).

  3. It should be queue the outrage.

    And the point is Senator concerned about privacy is trying to secretly tape private citizens.

    I’m not at all surprised that you fail to see the hypocrisy.

    1. Fred, I’m not sure how a guy taping a PUBLIC campaign events qualifies as an invasion of privacy, as you’re clearly trying to assert.

      I’d love to hear your reasoning.

  4. Kenny Boy- When you get anything other than a Rasmussen poll or a landline-only poll, THEN you can talk about Feingold’s “troubles.” He’s well ahead in the real world, and my line of Feingold as a 9 1/2 point favorite has not moved. And unemployment in Wisconsin is 7.9% AND FALLING. Most people (rightfully) recognize that as Bush’s mess, and you are not entitled to your own facts.

    If you are a candidate for office, you are public official accountable for what you say in public. And given that you’re asking taxpayers to hire you, you should be. If you don’t like it, don’t run. RoJo can’t hide behind Charles Sykes and ads forever. And neither can the rest of the GOP.

    GOP’s are such weaklings. They love to dish it out, but God forbid they get treated the same way. The whining is a big reason no real independents will swing their way in November.

    1. “GOP’s are such weaklings. They love to dish it out, but God forbid they get treated the same way. The whining is a big reason no real independents will swing their way in November.”

      Hahahahahaha!!!! Are you kidding me? You just described the Dems. Our president is the weakest we have ever had…if you can see through his arrogance!

      The writing is on the wall with Independents. ALL the polls have them going to the GOP in droves. I personally know many people that voted Obama and jumped ship a long time ago and plan on voting GOP this fall. This is not the regular Dem party in action anymore. Most Americans are not this radically left. THEY ARE REJECTING THE POLICIES OF THIS ADMINISTRATION!!! Which includes the “we can’t pass it because the GOP is blocking it” MAJORITIES in both houses whining Dems!

  5. Jake,

    Who cares what numbers you make up for Feingold. Somehow you are saying the numbers you make up out are more scientific than a Rasmussen poll? What a joke! The facts are people are suffering and Feingold will pay the price. Everyone is sick liberal whiners blaming Bush for Obamas failures (which are enumerable). Feingold, Obama, and Pelosi have increase our budget deficit more than 4x what it was under Bush in less than 18 mo. The funny thing is no one is surprised. Liberals love to spend other peoples money.

    By the way I am a member of the Tea Party in Eau Claire, does that make me a racist? Just wondering since you people like to throw that term around so much.

    1. Kent, you are the first person in this thread to mention racism. And here’s a real poll for you
      This poll seems more legitimate to me, a pretty solid chunk of the likely voters I’ve talked to haven’t made up their mind yet. It’s a long way to November, but Feingold has his base of support.

      Also, do we know this “tracker” was from the campaign? The person could be working for anyone, otherwise.

  6. Jim,

    Fair enough. But tell me what about this poll in terms of validity do you see as superior to Rasmussen. Do you see bias in the Rasmussen poll and if so can you point that out to me and everyone else.

    The only racist that I see in this country are Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, NAACP, and Obama.

    1. A. Why are you talking about racism? Also, if you think you named the only 3 racists and the only racist group in the country, you are mistaken.

      B. What is valid about that poll is that most people haven’t made up their minds yet, and the poll reflects that. Also, the poll shows numbers among all residents, likely voters, and registered voters.

      One small piece on Rasmussen bias:

      1. Really pointing to some other organizations Bias. That is RICH! Probably also available support research at Daily K-OS (Choas), and Huffington Post. Really Jim. you need to do Better than that. Rasmussan has the best overall record of accuracy for the past 12 years. I suggest you also check out Larry Sabato at Crystal Ball He’s also very accurate and often extremely close to Rasmussen’s number. And finally averages several polls from assorted sources. And even RCP has 10 or 11 US Senate Races in the Toss-up column. in the past week Wisconsin, Washington, and California have moved from “leans Dem” to “Toss-up”.

        I agree it is a ways until November..but right now the fight is on the Dem’s are defending an awful lot of territory and the State of Wisconsin will likely see a strong showing of Walker on the top of the Ticket, and if Johnson doesn’t do something stupid..he should make the race very close. The Dem’s voters are not very motivated and conservatives are. I am enjoying the battle so far, we shall see how it goes.

        1. The source doesn’t matter when the point I’m trying to get across is that Scott Rasmussen is going to speak on a cruise put together by the conservative National Review. Which is A FACT regardless who is reporting it.

  7. You cant say those are the only racist in the country with a straight face can you?

    1. Absolutely not, there are racist in both parties but many more on the liberal side. Tell me, who in conservative movement in racist?

            1. Zach, you are missing the most important point of all when it comes to the TEA party movement. The TEA party sprang up in living rooms across the country. There are no national “founders” unless they have deemed themselves as such. If a couple of guys created a website, it’s not where every group in the country ran to begin joining together. If anything these natl orgs have hijacked the movement. We all agree on the same principles but still. Oh and racism is not one of them. Why are we talking about racism today?? Anyhow, think about this for a minute, it’s not Obama that we are against, it’s his policies. We are not liking what this congress and senate are doing either. They are mainly white. If Hillary were prez and turned this far left, it would be HER policies that we disagree with. In fact, I have come in contact with more TEA party people that dislike Pelosi way more than Obama.

              1. Kent wanted an example of racism from a conservative, and I provided it. Arguing Robertson’s role in the Tea Party movement does nothing to refute the fact that he’s a conservative who’s clearly a racist.

        1. Ahhh that looks photo- shopped in to me. If you have other examples I am willing to look.

            1. The gorilla monkey picture is awful and I cringe to think that someone did that…

            2. I do not endorse what Mr. Robertson posted on his sign nor the silly comment made on Facebook; but I would point out that use of the “N” word while usually referencing “blacks”, was uttered in relation to “whites” by none other than Senator Byrd on National TV 4 March 2001 in an interview on Fox News Sunday with Tony Snow.

              In this case the “N” word was a reference to a “slave” and thus the point on Mr. Robertson’s sign references Congress as the “Slave Owner” of the Taxpayer, and thus he’s referring to all taxpayers..not just the Black ones. He’s referencing not color nor race, but social status and involuntary servitude. Therefore to automatically presume his intent was “racists” would require an ability to read minds. But I support the Houston’s TEA Party disassociation of him. It’s easier to dismiss him than to try to explain as I just attempted to do.

              Secondly to the dude who made the STUPID and insensitive “Gorilla” remark: Again while is not automatically “racist”, nor do we know if the commentator is in fact a TEA Partier. But even if he is a TEA Partier most Darwinist accept that in fact our ancestors (i.e. Grand-parents) were apes or simians of some common “Family” or “Genus”. (The creationist..many of whom are TEA Partiers would dispute that).

              I am trying to “parse” here, (I admit that), and again I do not embrace the insensitive remarks by either of those individuals. But the fact is saying or mis-spelling something stupid doesn’t make you a “Racist”..nor does it “connect” you to the TEA Party of millions of folks loosely connected by mostly tax and spending issues…not “race”! This the kind of Guilt by association thing I expect from Ben Jealous, Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman, I prefer to hold Zach and myself to a higher standard.

              T.E.A. = TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY…

              No mention of color, race, religion or national origin. Within this giant group of millions can be all sorts of normal people and a handful of crazies..just like any other large group.

        2. What Natl movement? Big player??? These are self deemed big players then. That is not what the majority of us are all about. Thousands of little groups around the country doing their own part of activism. We are not taking orders from anyone. We meet to come up with our own ideas…

  8. Now feel free to post something similar that you see from someone on the left…..

      1. The difference between these loons and the tea party loons is elected officials. You did not see elected officials peaking at these events and condoning these signs the way that the bachmans, demints, ryans do today. Any other time in our history if a politician had shown up at one of these events it would of been the end of their political career.

  9. Huh! you couldnt be further from the truth. the “tea” parties were planned and well funded from the beginning when rick santelli went on his little spending rant. They are well funded by freedom works and Koch industries. They are also heavily promoted by fox news.

    I will admit though that they did turn into a somewhat grassroots movement, although the people are very misinformed. Where were they the last 8 years? Also how can you take a “tea” party serious when tommy thompson is the main speaker?

    Also can you explain what Obamas”far-left agenda” is?!/photo.php?pid=5988117&id=748171514

    1. Please give me a break. The TEA party I belong to along with everyone I know in WI sprang up out of living rooms? Funding??? What? We don’t get money from any of who you list. Fox News talks about the TEA party, not promotes it, but so what? It is news my friend.

      Unless you are a part of the movement and active in it, you can not tell me what is going on within it. YOU ARE WRONG. Done…

    2. Obama’s far left agenda is Socialism, spread the wealth around, remember? Redistribution, brand new massive entitlement programs we can not afford, Climate change and the biggest freakin gov regulation we have ever experienced.

    3. Oh no did you accidentally post a link to your facebook profile? Well, you look like a super nice guy. And I sincerely mean that…

    1. Well Alinsky’s son is on camera saying that Obama would have made him proud. Yep the same Saul that praises Satan as the very first radical in the sleeve of his book. Yep, the one that wrote “for the have nots to learn how to TAKE from the haves”. Just TAKE???

  10. Madison Lefty…What a shock. and an eternal College student. Proud Progressive. But I agree with Huh? you’re probably a nice guy. But listening to Bill Moyers is warping you buddy! Bill never lets truth or facts get in the way of a good sensationalist story. I’ll look forward to our continued banter.

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