Dan Sebring likes to read “between the lines”

During a recent interview for the Metro-Milwaukee Power Networkers blog, Republican House of Representatives candidate Dan Sebring was asked why he decided to run for Congress, and he answered by saying he decided to run because he “read between the lines” of a letter sent to him by Rep. Gwen Moore (emphasis mine):

Prior to the 2008 election cycle, I had written Gwen Moore a letter in which I expressed my opinion that it was important for me as a citizen to convey my ideas, opinions, or concerns on issues that were important to me to the appropriate elected representatives. Then I asked her to “please support” a particular House Resolution. In Ms. Moore’s response it was clear that not only would she not support the resolution, but she had no intention of taking the ideas, opinions, or concerns of her constituents into consideration on this resolution or any other. When I read “between the lines”, what I interpreted her response to say was “How dare you tell me how to do my job! I’m a member of Congress and you’re just a citizen.” When I went to vote in the 2008 primary I learned that there was no Republican candidate. That was the final straw. By the end of the day I was a legitimate, registered write-in candidate in the 2008 election cycle.

I’ve heard a lot of different reasons for running for elected office from a lot of different candidates, but I’ve never heard a candidate say he decided to run for an office as important as a seat in the United States House of Representatives because he “read between the lines” and inferred/assumed that his elected Representative disrespected him in some manner.

Whatever happened to a candidate for elected office making the decision to run out of a deep desire to serve, or because he believes there’s no higher calling than public service? Instead we’re left with Dan Sebring, who decided to run for Congress based on his own interpretation (no doubt based on his own biases and ideology) of a letter he received from Rep. Gwen Moore.


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3 thoughts on “Dan Sebring likes to read “between the lines”

  1. I remember meeting Gwen Moore when she was campaigning to first get into office. Seems to me that she forget who she is working for. all the times that I have contacted her on bills it seems that she has always given a dismissive attitude. Could Zach be more biased. Really! Seems to me that the writer of this article wants more of the status quo, of elite politicians ruling the little people.

    1. Susan, I’ll be the first to admit I’m biased, but I could be way more biased than I already am. As for your assertion that I want more of the status quo, here’s a little hint on who I’m supporting in the Fourth District race:

      Paul Morel for Congress yard sign

      Last time I checked, Paul Morel wasn’t the “status quo” candidate.

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