Paul Ryan Still Hasn’t Had a Real Town Hall Meeting.

But he knows how to pretend he has! From his email on Friday (which includes a link to the coverage of his controlled CNN town hall that even limited attendance by the media):

The people of Wisconsin are my employers and you elected me to focus on your problems.”

Paul works for you – that’s why he regularly meets with businesses, families, and students across Southern Wisconsin to talk about the issues you care about and what he can do to help solve your problems. At his most recent town hall event in Racine, Paul answered a wide range of questions from constituents. Here are some of his answers about President Trump’s strategy in Afghanistan, Foxconn’s move to Wisconsin, tax reform, and the recent events in Charlottesville.

And then here’s the link to his preferred CNN Town Hall coverage: Ryan talks issues with voters during CNN town hall meeting

It’s been reported that Speaker Paul Ryan hasn’t held any real town halls (in over 600 days) because he doesn’t want protestors brought in from other districts…he just wants to speak with his own constituents. Well I am sorry to say that he no longer has that luxury. Unlike Rep. James Sensenbrenner or Rep. Gwen Moore…who are simply members of the House…Rep. Ryan is the Speaker of the House…and he now represents ALL Americans in the U.S. House of Representatives. Maybe he’s just not up to the task?


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