No wonder He loves BP so

U.S. Senate candidate and Oshkosh businessman Ron Johnson reportedly owns thousands of dollars of stock in BP.

Johnson owns stocks worth between $116,000 and $315,000 in BP, the British petroleum company behind the Gulf oil gusher, according to financial reports filed Friday.

Johnson is one of two Republican candidates running for the seat held by Democratic U.S. Senator Russ Feingold. At a public forum in June, both Johnson and challenger Dave Westlake criticized the federal government’s treatment of BP.

SO we see that ROJO has a financial interest in sucking up to BP, as unethical as it is. The question is what is Westlakes excuse?


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15 thoughts on “No wonder He loves BP so

  1. Great minds must think alike; I was working on a little something about this story. I’ll have my own take posted tomorrow, but nicely done!

  2. I prefer politicians who own corporate stock vs the ones who take handouts from them.

  3. So will Kohl and Feingold. So taking money from BP is good if you’re a Dem. Buying stock is bad because you’re not a Dem.

    It’s so simple. Two standards from one ideology. Wash, rinse, repeat…

  4. the difference is the end result. do you think bp is responsible for their spill, or do you think the govt is too hard on bp?

    1. Ah, the false dichotomies. It can be both. BP is responsible – and the government’s “boot on the throat” “plug the damn hole” and pushing criminal investigations before the bodies were cold (thus undermining cooperation necessary to solve the problem) was classless and amateur hour.

  5. What hypocrisy. If Johnson had sold his stock in BP when he decided to run for Senate, it would’ve been coincidentally right around the time of the explosion. The Left would’ve tormented him for not going down with ship. The Fact is most major retirement funds, for private and public workers have an investment in BP, for the very reason it pays nice dividends, and has nice growth in most years. It’s not like Johnson waited until it cratered, and scooped it up a bargain prices. Presidential and Vice president’s often voluntarily put their portfolio’s into a blind trust’s, so there is no question of whether they are making decisions to profit themselves. Yet Dick Cheney was still accused of being in the pockets of the Oil Barons and Haliburton. Logic unfortunately doesn’t make as good of “drive-by” criticism, which is pointless.

    Bottom line is if RoJO has an investment in BP he’s likely to care that the company survives and get’s it’s reputation back. Which is good for Johnson, and BP, and The US economy and most importantly for the people in the Gulf region who are dependent on the success of Gulf drilling. Unlike the current leadership which seems content to wreck every profitable business. GM , Chrysler, Toyota, coal the banking and insurance industry. Watch out steel your next.

  6. I meant “profitable and/or major US business” in that last line. hit enter a second too fast :^)

  7. Not quite sure how Obama destroyed, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, coal, banking and insurance industry but that is another Blog altogether.

    As for the BP, this is where we have a philosophical difference. I think that The Obama administration was, and is, too soft on them. Now that we know maybe a million barrels of oil have spilled into the gulf, its been gushing for 2 1/2 months and that the main reason that this happened is because BP was trying to cut costs and increase profit in lieu of safety. I would think the executives who demanded that safety precautions be skipped should be charged with manslaughter, Obama should seize all of their North American assets and 20 billion in a fund is a nice start.

    Be that as it may, the whole point of this blog on my end is, now we know ROJO showed BP) so much love because he had a profit motive. What was the reason that Westlake also showed BP the love?

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