The foibles and folly of Dan Sebring

Posting on his Facebook account on Thursday, Republican U.S. House of Representatives candidate Dan Sebring noted how President Barack Obama had shown “a callous disregard for the debt owed to American Veterans” by making an “unconscionable proposal” to have wounded veterans pay for their own medical treatment. The only problem with Sebring’s indignation? It’s completely misplaced.

In support of his comments, Sebring posted a link to a YouTube video posted yesterday which certainly seems to back up his comments, however, if Dan Sebring and his crack team of campaign staff (kinda hard to say that with a straight face) had done even a quick Google search (as I did), they would have been able to determine the original video was actually posted on YouTube way back in March of 2009. What’s more, if Sebring and his staff had done just a little more Google searching, they’d have stumbled upon a page on that debunks the story that President Obama wanted wounded vets to pay for their medical care.

Just in case Dan Sebring tries to whitewash his Facebook page, here’s him expressing his indignation:

In another Dan Sebring-related nugget, in another Facebook post Sebring gives a “reality check” to those who think he doesn’t have a chance of beating Rep. Gwen Moore (which includes me), citing a page on a site called “Grade Gov” in which Rep. Moore gets some failing grades from commenters. However, while Dan Sebring may think that a handful of negative comments and grades on some random internet site constitutes a groundswell of support for his candidacy, I’ve got 222,728 reasons to believe Rep. Moore will be just fine if she faces off against Dan Sebring in the general election.


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3 thoughts on “The foibles and folly of Dan Sebring

  1. The sad part is the truth isn’t going to matter. All that matters is the lie, and for some any refutation is just “liberal kool-aid.” A few months ago at a family gathering it became clear several of my relatives STILL don’t think President Obama was born in the USA, and still think the new health law that passed is about a government takeover of medical care. The brainwashing is depressing.

    1. Yeah, the right wing does a good job of getting their talking points out to the masses, that’s for sure.

      1. Offline, maybe. But when you factor in the online world, I see no difference between the right & left wing in getting their talking points out there. I’ve read more than a few posts here with extensive quoting and/or very little commentary added to press releases from One Wisconsin Now & similar sources. How is that really any different than it idiots repeating Limbaugh verbatim?

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