Meet the anti-union man in charge of the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission

Meet James Scott (picture left).

Mr. Scott, who’s spent his career as an attorney helping management keep unions out of their workplaces, has been named by Republican Governor Scott Walker to serve as chairman of the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission, the state commission that oversees relations and more importantly disputes between public employees and their employers. Most recently, Scott worked at the firm of Lindner & Marsack, which according to the firm’s website specializes in union busting:

At Lindner & Marsack, S.C. we know that every successful business relies upon a competitive labor cost structure, a stable working environment, and labor peace. Since our founding, we have aggressively represented our non-represented clients in pursuit of their goal to maintain a non-union status in furtherance of these goals.

Despite his history of anti-union litigating, Scott has indicated he’ll be “fair,” but considering the over 30 years he’s spent helping management get it over on workers, I’m finding it hard to believe James Scott has suddenly developed a sense of fairness when it comes to management/employee relations.


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2 thoughts on “Meet the anti-union man in charge of the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission

  1. I’m sure Mr. Scott is a fine man with good values and character. Governor Walker would remove him if he wasn’t a man with a good sence of purpose. Finally, I have someone to represent me and my ideas. Unlike the representation I’ve been forced to support monitarily over the past twenty plus years by the organization AFSCME or better known AF-SCAMEE. Mr. Scott is definately going in the Right Direction and there will be NO LEFT TURNS Allowed.

  2. NLT, yeah, and you’re full of it too buddy. People like you fit in with the Assad’s and Hitler’s of the world, and you would’ve been a perfect SS trooper merrily chucking people into the ovens.

    You know what regime was anti union? Yeah that’s right, Hitlers and the Nazis, NLF, you have nothing in common with American democratic values. Boy I’ll bet you have a nice shiny, brown nose from kissing your employer’s butt all day don’t you?

    I’ve had first hand experience with the WERC on several occasions, they were neither ‘pro’ union nor ‘anti’ union, they made their rulings on contract language, state statutes and case history to determine their rulings. The commissioners I met were tough but fair minded.

    You see NLT, we need more rights in this world, including your damn gun rights, and it’s little Hitlers like you who believe in slavery and forced labor and I bet you wax poetic about the good old days of a negro labor force.

    Yes, NLT, I picture you in front of the mirror at nights with your sexy black gestapo uniform on and polished knee boots, on the same wall is your American Nazis flag and a portrait of your hero ‘der furher’, (with little Snotty Scotty Walker alongside).

    PS. And do you really think we believe you have ever been a union member? Yeah right.

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