Wisconsin GOP Revisits Voter Suppression Tactics That the Courts Already Nixed.

As we have been waiting for the GOP majority in the Wisconsin legislature reveal the various nefarious bills they plan to enact during their December 2018 lame duck session…from curtailing the new Democratic governor’s power to additional tax breaks for the rich…to moving the 2020 Presidential Primary to protect a conservative Supreme Court justice…the latest is another attempt to limit early voting. sigh.

Three weeks after Democrats swept statewide races boosted by record early voting and high turnout, Republicans are considering measures to prevent that from happening again.

The plan would be all but certain of drawing a legal challenge given that a federal judge in 2016 struck down a similar law limiting early voting that he found “intentionally discriminates on the basis of race.”

Among the measures being considered next week are limiting in-person absentee voting, known as early voting, to two weeks before an election, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

“It’s now becoming clear how low Republicans are willing to go in this desperate lame duck session,” Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh, said about the proposal. “Divided government should be a chance for both parties to hit reset. Sad to see this is how Republicans are choosing to start things off.”

They have had the majority for more than a few years and the governor’s office as well and barely got anything done and now expect to push a dozen things through in 2 weeks? Another shameful and blatant power grab.


Though the exact proposals haven’t been released, lawmakers are being asked to vote on legislation related to:

Ensuring health coverage for pre-existing conditions.
State and local highway projects.
Federal transportation funding.
A reduction in the individual income tax rate.
Each branch’s power over making rules to implement state laws.
Changing the date of the 2020 presidential primary election from April 6 to March 9.
Early voting and absentee voting by casting ballots overseas.
Federal government waivers related to work requirements for public assistance programs.


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