Accountability? Not on Scott Walker’s watch!

Under John Chianelli’s watch, problems at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex were rampant, finally boiling over when allegations that a violent male patient had sexually assaulted a female patient, resulting in that female patient becoming pregnant, despite the fact that she was supposed to have been getting birth control injections. Last week Wednesday it was announced Chianelli was removed from his post as head of Milwaukee County’s Behavioral Health Division and demoted, presumably as punishment for his complete incompetence, but while Chianelli was allowed to demote to a position as deputy director of the Disabilities Services Division – a position in which Chianelli will earn over $91,000 a year – county officials are attempting to terminate Karl Strelnick, a psychiatrist at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex who supervised five housing units at the center of the problems at the Mental Health Complex.

While I don’t deny Karl Strelnick should lose his job as a result of his gross mismanagement, why is John Chianelli being allowed to keep a high paying job within the County as a reward for his gross mismanagement? Why isn’t Chianelli being punished at a level commensurate with his mismanagement and incompetence, and why isn’t Scott Walker in his role as Milwaukee County’s “chief executive” demanding that Chianelli be fired?

By allowing John Chianelli to keep a high-paying job within the County, Scott Walker has shown that accountability isn’t as important as protecting his backside, and that’s a crying shame.


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2 thoughts on “Accountability? Not on Scott Walker’s watch!

  1. Is it really true that Scott Walker is a college drop out, if this is true do we really want him as govenor?

    1. George, it is true that Walker didn’t finish his education at Marquette University…if memory serves me he’s more than 30 credits short of a degree.

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