BREAKING: Johnson ad features actors, not a real family!

On Sunday I noted the contrived “controversy” from some on the right over the use of a fake name in a recent TV ad for Sen. Russ Feingold, and while Ron Johnson’s campaign has been furiously trying to get some traction for the story, outside of the typical cast of characters that make up the Right Wing Outrage Brigade™ the story hasn’t really gotten much airtime.

However, thanks to the ever-astute Chief, there’s a bit of news to report regarding one of Ron Johnson’s recent TV ads titled “Tipping Point.” At :06 into the ad, it cuts to footage of a family moving out of their home, and at :20, the ad cuts to footage of a moving truck pulling down the street, and as The Chief points out, the license plate on the truck bears a suspicious resemblance to a Michigan license plate.

So let’s recap….Ron Johnson’s campaign attacks Sen. Feingold for using a made-up name in a TV ad, while at the same time Johnson’s campaign uses a made-up family in one of his campaign ads. Apparently Ron Johnson’s hypocrisy knows no limits, but the fact that Johnson’s campaign is furiously trying to push this “controversy” to the media speaks volumes about how vacuous Ron Johnson really is as a candidate. Instead of talking about real issues like how he’d create jobs if elected, Ron Johnson would rather manufacture controversies and attack Russ Feingold, proving yet again that Ron Johnson is nothing more than an empty suit.


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4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Johnson ad features actors, not a real family!

  1. But Johnson’s ad illustrating a REAL point: home foreclosures. Feingold’s ad tries to represent something that didn’t occur: lots of people going back to work. See the difference? Unless you want to debate that home foreclosures aren’t happening and our unemployment rate is down to 5%.

      1. And yet you seem to be incapable of grasping a fairly obvious point. If tons of people were back to work, no one would dare question the authenticity of the name plate, because Feingold could come back and say “X number of thousands of jobs have been created.” Instead all you can say is “Well big deal, look at this ad.” Aside from that, what family would volunteer to show themselves being kicked out of a house. It’s kind of embarassing. Getting a good job is something to be proud of, especially if you actually believe Russ was responsible for it. But no one has one of those jobs, now do they?

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