Dan Sebring’s still no fan of paying taxes

Back in 2009, I noted that Republican House candidate Dan Sebring, who’s seeking to unseat Rep. Gwen Moore in the Fourth Congressional District, had problems paying his taxes back in 2000, and it appears Sebring’s aversion to paying his taxes in a timely manner have resurfaced. As was first reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Sebring had two tax warrants filed against him earlier this year totaling $2,023.68 and $2,216.04, respectively.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, if Dan Sebring can’t keep his own financial house in order, how can anyone expect he’ll get the federal government’s house in order if he’s elected to the U.S. House of Representatives?


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5 thoughts on “Dan Sebring’s still no fan of paying taxes

  1. Resurfaced? This is not breaking news. Dan Sebring has had a tax liablity statement on his campaign site for nearly two years. It’s properly reported on his FEC financial statement. It’s clearly not something he’s hiding from, in fact it would appear he’s the one who put it out there. If you read his tax liability statement you’ll see he didn’t just wake up one day and decide he’s not going to pay taxes anymore. There was a reason why his taxes didn’t get paid on time. He navigated his way through it successfully in 2000 and he’s in the process of navigating his way through it again ten years later. It might just be that Dan Sebring knows a little something about “economic recovery” in the real world.

  2. So let’s talk about keeping a financial house in order…
    Gwen Moore has been sued by the likes of Wisconsin Electric (We Energies) for failing to pay her bills. And lets not forget the credit card she refused to pay while in the WI Legislature, or the foreclosure proceeding on her house a few years back.

    You seem to sling mud one way but can’t hack it when it gets thrown back at your oh so loveable Gwen Moore *sarcasm*

    I believe in regards to your posting Zach even the Journal managed to print some additional facts which you conveniently left out such as cancer and surgeries. You libs all like to tout the health care bill that was passed because so many are uninsured and face these exact same dillemas daily. However, if a Republican candidate has a similar situation and has to decide between paying a $2000 tax bill and going in for cancer treatment or surgery – ask yourself “What would you do”?

  3. So he didnt pay his taxes because he had to go in for cancer treatment? can you post the link to the JS story please Tom?

    Seems to me if you cant pay your taxes because you have to pay for cancer treatment of surgery, I would be first in line to be for Healthcare reform!

    1. Because the JS is the only source you’ll accept?

      Seems to me if you cant pay your taxes because you have to pay for cancer treatment of surgery, I would be first in line to be for Healthcare reform!

      Or, you know, tax reform. When you only look at the world one way, you miss other possibilities. When you’re holding a hammer, all you see is nails.

  4. No because i would like to read the article he was referring too. I will accept all kinds of sources, but he referred to one specifically and didnt include a link.

    What kind of tax reform would you like? I personally would love tax reform.

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