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Johnson at EAA
I had the pleasure of attending the (EAA – Experimental Aircraft Association)  in Oshkosh this weekend for the first time.  The show was great, but I was a bit surprised that the organizers gave Ron Johnson some airtime, so that he could put in a political plug to a captive audience that really came to see the planes, not hear him talk.  If the EAA is giving him airtime, they should do the same for all candidates in the race.

Johnson at the DSCC
Meanwhile the DSCC has put together an infographic that includes links to the “greatest” quotes from such luminaries as Sharon Angle, Rand Paul and Ron Johnson.   Here are some of his doozies:

On Health Care…

“The health care bill is the greatest assault on our freedom in my lifetime.”

[Webbsite, 06/10/10]

In response to a question on global warming…

“I’m glad there is global warming.”

[WTAQ, 6/07/10]

On Extending Unemployment Insurance…

“When you continue to extend unemployment benefits, people really don’t have the incentive to go take other jobs.”

[WTAQ, 6/07/10]

On British Petroleum in the wake of the Gulf Oil spill…

“This is not the time to be beating up on those guys, quite honestly.”

[The Ed Morrissey Show, 6/2/2010]

Context: Johnson owns a significant amount of British Petroleum stock.

On Social Security…

“It is a giant Ponzi scheme.”

[Fox Valley Initiative, 6/9/10]


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7 thoughts on “Miscellaneous from the Ron Johnson Factory

  1. These quotes were posted on this blog once before. I know Zach doesn’t deny his blog is biased, but do you guys need to misrepresent things to do it?

    Several are out of context. The first quote is dead on.
    Here’s the context for a couple of the others…

    “I’m always surprised that people think this is the sweet spot in global history in terms of this is where we should be climate-wise. We live in Wisconsin – I’m glad there’s global warming or we’d be standing on top of a 200 ft. thick glacier. So I think it’s absolutely not proven, and for us to be contemplating fixing something that is not proven is absurd.”

    “You know when Social Security was first passed life expectancy was 62, and benefits kicked in at 65. You know, fortunately, because of the free market system medical technology has advanced and we all live a lot longer, but the system doesn’t work. It is a giant Ponzi scheme.”

    1. First quote is dead on? really? dead on? The greatest assault on freedom in his lifetime? the nerve of taking a cap off of liability payments of insurance companies. Or the horror of making it illegal for insurance companies to drop you for having acne as a teen or being beaten by your spouse.

      * to think that global climate change is not a serious problem and man made takes much more time and space than I have at the moment.

      * what exactly is the “free market medical technology?”

  2. From the all-authoritative Wikipedia, a Ponzi Scheme is an “investment operation that pays returns to separate investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from any actual profit earned. The Ponzi scheme usually entices new investors by offering returns other investments cannot guarantee, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent. The perpetuation of the returns that a Ponzi scheme advertises and pays requires an ever-increasing flow of money from investors to keep the scheme going.”

    And how is that different from Social Security today? Johnson is ABSOLUTELY correct. I would have gone so far as to call SS a traveshamockery.

  3. If the EAA is giving him airtime, they should do the same for all candidates in the race.

    Since you’re not from the area, I’ll cut you a little slack, but do you think maybe, just maybe, it might have something to do with the fact that Johnson lives and works in Oshkosh?

    1. He might be from the area, but I paid $38 + $8 to park + lots of gas to go to the show. If I go to see the Flaming Hippie Hold-outs I expect to hear from them. If I go to an air show, I expect to hear from Boeing or from a flight hero or from the inventor of a battery powered plane, not from a local golden boy who has bought his way to be his party’s candidate for the US Senate.

  4. I don’t.
    I don’t think you can necessarily conclude that if Feingold was from Oshkosh he would have had time to woo the attendees. I DO think it’s up to the EAA folks who they give stage time too. EAA is not a public entity, not a newspaper or TV. If the Chamber of Commerce tends to give added attention to conservative business-oriented candidates (if! lol) anyway – they can. So can EAA.
    and – If The Association for Flaming Hippie Hold-outs wants to give stage time at some Weed-fest Love-In to a far left candidate but NONE the republican opponent, they can do that too.

    And Locke – you don’t have to be FROM Oshkosh to get the idea that EAA (and Truck) are conservative in orientation. I think MCM was correct in assuming they’re trying to give Ron a leg-up, but incorrect in assuming they are somehow wrong to do that OR that they owe Feingold equal time. They can do what they want with their stage and their guests.
    This is America *salutes*

  5. or just MAYBE the EAA just “… hates the Constitution and wants to replace it with France” (@ Flavius Valerius)

    I’m not quite sure how the logistics of replacing an aged and delicate parchment document with a sizable chunk of the European continent would actually be accomplished, but that Goddamn George Soros will find a way I’m sure. As a flaming liberal and cloven-hoofed non-Christian I can hardly wait to see….the Constitution replaced with…France. O_o

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