Reminder: Drinking Liberally tonight!

Just a friendly reminder that tonight’s the night to get together for some Drinking Liberally:

Hi folks! Just a quick reminder that we’ll be having Democratic candidates for governor and lt. governor, Tim John and Tom Nelson, *and* Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave Westlake at tomorrow’s Drinking Liberally!

Plus, we’re about a month away from the September primary. It’s a pretty important one for the south side and east side of Milwaukee. Not to mention the Republicans will choose between Westlake or Johnson and Walker or Neumann, among others. And my dad, who’s up from Texas (East Texas) will have to decide between the 60+ quality beers they have at Sugar Maple. Yowza!

It’s a big deal. Hopefully we’ll get to have one last beer before hitting the streets for the primary, and then the big election in November.

As usual, Drinking Liberally Milwaukee meets on the third Wednesday of the month (the 18th) at Sugar Maple, 441 E. Lincoln Ave. We’re just inside the front door. See you there!

Jason and the Milwaukee DL crew

Tonight should be interesting…to say the least!


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