Target Continues to Feel the Heat, Best Buy gets singed too

Target’s misguided $150,000 donation to MN Forward to be used in campaigning by anti-gay, anti-immigrant GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Emmer continues to generate heat for the corporation. With Target refusing to donate an equal amount to pro-gay candidates, the heat is on this signature corporation’s “Citizen’s United” enabled political donation.  From flash mobs protesting “Tar jay” to the Human Rights Campaign committing to provide $150,000 to more progressive Minnesota gubernatorial candidates to Moveon calling for a boycott of Target, the company is now facing the impact of its political gamesmanship not only in Minnesota but elsewhere in the country.

Here are a couple of videos protesting Target. The first is from

The 2nd is a flash mob protesting via song within a Target store:

While Target was the big fish generating protests, with their donation of $150,000 in Minnesota, it should be noted that they were not alone given the $100,000 that MN-based Best Buy gave to the same “pro-business” anti-consumer, anti-gay, anti-immigrant MN Forward organization.


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21 thoughts on “Target Continues to Feel the Heat, Best Buy gets singed too

  1. OMG! How dare a corporation give to a cause that you don’t approve of!! Hey do you remember earlier this year you all were going to boycott Glenn Beck, how did that work out for you? No one pays attention to your tantrums but hey if it makes you feel good and that is what liberalism is all about, feelings, well then good luck with that boycott.

  2. And can I boycott WEAC because they give money to candidates I don’t like? How about withholding my school tax money?

    You piss and moan over one group, but yet fall silent when groups you support give money to “your causes.”

    I just passed two Target stores and one Best Buy. Guess what? Lots were full.

  3. Wow, looks like a bunch of losers. Too bad grandpa didn’t run one of the morons over with a shopping cart.

    Nice to see that folks were still in the check out lines, though.

    ANd the piece reminded me, I need to go to Best Buy and check out a new hard drive.

  4. Actually the boycott of glen beck has worked quite well, as most of his mainstream sponsors have all disappeared.

    This is pure democracy in action, and great to see. No wonder the righties cant stand it!

    1. Democracy in action…ha… If that happened to someone on the left, all of Hollywood would be screaming censorship. Remember when Walmart chose not to carry certain rap Cds? Somehow that became a 1st amendment issue.

    2. Actually from everything I have read it has not hurt FOX at all. The major sponsors just swithced to different shows and the numbers for Becks show on Fox have stayed strong. So while you progressives THINK it hurt in reality, (the state or quality of being real) a little help for you liberals reading this, it did not hurt one bit. But thanks for the smiles.

  5. No, this isn’t democracy in action, this is a lame-brained protest. Let me ask–what if a bunch of pro-life advocates made the same “appearance” at a Planned Parenthood clinic? Democracy in action?

    No, you’d be going apes#!t.

    I would venture to guess that if that $150K went to FDL or some other progressive MN group, you’d “applaud” Target, and then lambast the right if they held the same demonstrations.

    Face it, you and Zach don’t like FREE speech, unless it is what you agree with. If not, you shout it down.

    What you don’t see is that this makes your movement look like total loons, devoid of actual discourse with the opposition. But keep it up…I’m sure you are getting converts right and left 🙂

    1. Hey
      I love free speech, so thanks for commenting. Did you see anywhere in the post that I said you should Boycott Target? I was reporting one way that the left is demonstrating its anger over Target’s spending to elect an anti-gay, anti-immigrant candidate. This is all about free speech. If Glenn Beck, you, Rush, Newt, NotaLib, Palin or some other blowhard wants to spout off on this issue, I encourage you to do so.

      If Target did give money to HRC, FDL or any other progressive group I would applaud. If the right protested I might lambast them depending on how and why they protested. That’s why this is a progressive blog, we’re not going to let Fox and their accolytes control the discourse on important issues of the day.

  6. Well, when you post a link to a MoveON video that says: Boycott Target…but I guess that doesn’t count in your small mind.

    And since when is free speech used in the same breath as a video that clearly disrupts a business? ANd what about the “Best Buy is next” comment at the end?

    I’m sure the cashiers, stockers, etc. really loved being subjected to this moronic display. They certainly had everything to do with what the corporation did. But of course, this group is too weak or lame-brained to actually hold a clear conversation with the powers that be. Instead, they look for cheap theatrics.

    Again, keep it up. You are becoming more and more marginalized.

    1. Thanks for the comment Bob.
      Peabrain at your service…

      I just love it when people get so riled up that they need to personally attack a blogger who is voicing an opinion. It really shows who is wearing the terms you accuse us of….

  7. Anti-choice activists show up at clinics and other places all the time. As long as they’re not interfering with the delivery of healthcare, they’re well within their rights.

    And if some company gives money to a Democrat, and you’re mad about it, by all means boycott. Me, I don’t want my money to support Forward Minnesota. So as much as I love Target (especially its excellent deals on kids’ clothes) I will not be shopping there until they change their mind on this business. You’re welcome to do the same. If you don’t want your dollars supporting liberals, boycott companies that support liberal candidates and causes. In the mean time, you can have my parking spot at Target.

    Somehow, though, I doubt you guys lack the conviction to put your money where your mouth is.

    1. Rob, if conservatives boycotted everything that was liberal we never be able to watch another movie, turn on the TV, read most magazines, send our kids to public school, or go to a university.

  8. So is your objection that a corporation gave money to someone you don’t like or that they took a stance at all? Best Buy was also mentioned in this story. But just a few years ago BB was labeled a “gay friendly corporation.” Where was the criticsm then for them being anti-consumer?

    Please explain how the organization is anti-consumer, anti-gay, and anti-immigrant.

  9. Ok lets get a couple things straight. These “corporations” are not people so they are not giving the money. The extremely well paid CEO’s are the ones giving the money.

    Secondly, this is what is so great about full disclosure. Feel free to give all the money you want, but know that there will be consequences. If you feel strongly about the cause your giving too, then by all means go ahead. We will see how well Target as a corporation handles the backlash of its CEO’s poor decision.

    Third, I would have no problem with anti choice activists coming up with something so peaceful and creative when they protest. All i have ever seen them do is yell insults and show pictures of dead fetus’s.

    Fourth, the boycott of glenn beck went fairly well, most mainstream corporations stopped sponsoring his shows.

    Finally, forgot, did it ever occur to you WHY most places of EDUCATION are more liberal??

    1. Yes it did occur to me. Public school are full of union employees. The government gives them benefits, hence liberal. Universities house the burnt-out hippies from the 60s who were radicals then and professors now because they aren’t actually qualified for the real world. More than once I have heard their goal is to wipe away the values their parents taught them and fill their impressionable minds with liberal nonsense.

      Corporations aren’t people who are money? Than neither are labor unions.

      1. Labor Unions are not people they are democracy in action. A group of people getting together and electing representatives and speaking as one.

        A better answer Forgot is that institutions of learning tend to make people more open minded and hence liberal.

        “As Mankind becomes more liberal, they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protections of civil government. I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations of justice and liberality.” George Washington 1790.

        1. BWAHAHAHAHA! I can’t think of anything more UNdemocratic than a union that takes away individual rights and rewards everyone equally no matter if they’ve earned it or not (kind of sounds like communism to me).

          Yeah liberals are just SO open minded. Except when it comes to someone who disagrees with the decided “open minded” opinion that must not be deviated from. Yep they run anybody off of campus who might dare question that liberal mindset or call them names when they could somehow disagree with affirmative action, abortion, and radical environmentalism.

          Nice Washington quote with him using the word “liberal.” You are always applying their words to a modern context when it just doesn’t make sense. I would consider myself a classical liberal — upholding the ideals of limited government, individual liberty, and free markets. I guess I’m also a liberal in the fact that I rail against the status quo of big government. That’s different than the politcal party labels of liberal vs. conservative.

        2. Nothing frustrates me more than liberals classifying themselves as open-minded. Open-minded means you haven’t taken a stance on an issue and need more information before making a decision. If you believe in a set of principles or ideologies like I do – how are you the open-minded one and I’m not? Sorry to tell you PP, but you are just as close-minded as us bigoted, hateful conservatives.

  10. Need to correct you we are pro life we do not murder babies just because the mother was unable to keep her legs closed or the deadbeat progressive dad refuses to support the child. As for Beck think what you will be he is still on the air and his numbers are bigger than ever.

    Most recent ratings
    Glenn Beck – 2,368,000 viewers
    PROGRESSIVE MSNBC SHOWS needed to reach the same audience (almost)
    Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 500,000 viewers
    Ed Show —542,000 viewers
    Countdown w/ K. Olbermann – 982,000 viewers

  11. Hard to believe this is the same Target that booted the Salvation Army off their property a few years ago because of SA’s anti-gay policies.

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