Journal Sentinel: a little domestic violence no big deal

In endorsing incumbent Democratic State Sen. Jeff Plale over Chris Larson, Plale’s opponent in the Democratic primary, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel characterized Plale being ticketed for disorderly conduct – domestic violence as no big deal:

Both have had minor run-ins with the law, but we don’t view this as disqualifying for either.

While I’d certainly agree that a run-in with the law shouldn’t disqualify someone from holding office – barring the obvious disqualification of a felony conviction – to characterize Plale’s domestic violence incident, in which he threw his then-wife’s suitcase on the front lawn and allegedly kicked her in the back, as a “minor run-in” seriously minimizes just how serious domestic violence is, and it reminds me of the mentality that used to be so pervasive in our society, that what happens in the home is a private matter and “not a big deal.”

In discussing his DV incident and its bearing on the primary election, Sen. Plale gave a statement sure to win him a spot in the passive-aggressive hall of fame, saying, “But this election isn’t about my family nor is it about my opponent’s three run-ins with the law.” While Sen. Plale is right that the election shouldn’t be about the run-ins each candidate has had with the law in the past, that hasn’t stopped supporters of Sen. Plale from bringing the issue up every chance they get.

Over at Uppity Wis, xoff correctly notes that while the Journal Sentinel likes Plale’s support of choice schools and a mayoral takeover of MPS, that’s precisely the reason why Sen. Plale has a primary challenger.


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  1. You guys are so cute with your little intra-party squabbles. I don’t ever want to hear complaints about candidates who you consider too conservative moving the Republican party to the right. Not when you are cannibalizing your own moderates.

  2. its funny what one considers a moderate. Working with scooter jensen isnt moderate its criminal

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