A few thoughts on last night’s debate

Just a few of my thoughts on last night’s debate between U.S. Senate candidates Ron Johnson and Sen. Russ Feingold:

  • When it came to answering the questions asked of them, this debate really was a tale of two very different styles. On one hand Sen. Feingold’s answers were succinct and answered the questions asked of him, while Ron Johnson beat around the bush and often avoided giving a clear answer to the questions.

  • On the issue of Social Security, Sen. Feingold pointed out that there’s a pretty simple and time-tested solution to the issue of Social Security solvency in the form of an increase in the income limit on the FICA tax. The current income limit is $106,800, and Sen. Feingold indicated raising that income limit would be one solution he’d take a look at to improve Social Security’s solvency.

  • In discussing his votes on the stimulus and health care reform, Sen. Feingold rebutted Ron Johnson’s assertion that those votes are precisely why the U.S. Senate needs more accountants and manufacturers, with Sen. Feingold pointing out that Sen. Herb Kohl, himself no slouch when it comes to the business world, voted in favor of both bills. Sen. Feingold also noted that Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, also an astute businessman, also voted in favor of both bills.

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11 thoughts on “A few thoughts on last night’s debate

  1. Of COURSE Feingold’s answer to the Social Security problem is higher taxes. The problem that government created in the first place can only be solved by the government creating another problem in the form of higher taxes. But wait, I thought Feingold said SS was fine and dandy and there was no problem. I guess higher taxes is one option that’s NOT off the table in his book. Good to know.

    1. Higher taxes is never a popular or desired option for ANYBODY. At least the Democrats are realistic and don’t live in la la land when it comes to a problem created by the previous administration.

      Oh yeah, this administration cut taxes, too. For everybody.

      1. The previous administration did not cut Social Security taxes. Feingold and many liberals have been saying there ISN’T even a problem with Social Security (talk about living in la la land). And now all of a sudden when asked to offer a solution, Feingold comes up with tax increases. Big surprise.

  2. Rich when did this administration cut taxes for everyone? As for Russ of course he would want higher taxes that is the way a progressive thinks they feel they own your paycheck and just continue to steal the money you earn they have no respect for you as a person ho actually works to support all of the entitlement programs they continue to fund for their voting base. Russ has failed to represent the people in this state in a honest and conservative way his tax and spend agenda has cost us thousands of jobs to be loss and families to suffer and he just sits and DC and does not care. Its time to put an end to career politicians like Russ.

  3. This is why Fiengold is loosing. Raising the limit of FICA without increasing the benefits to the people who pay more is more of the same wealth redistribution that Americans are growing to hate.


    I would agree to tax increases if we also cut entitlements by the same dollar amount.

  4. Of course the cap should be raised on Social Security. It’s obscene that a cleaning lady amking 25K/yr pays a much higher percentage than someone making 500K.

    Secondly . . . the only way out of the mess we’re in is higher taxes. We’ve spent the last 30 years mortgaging the future. Payup time has arrived.

    1. No it is progressive thoughts, welfare spending, and government dependence that will dye quick death. See this country is waking up to these horrid ideas and they will demonstrate that Nov 2.

    2. I have a better idea fix the problems. Stop giving illegals a free ride. I know a gal at work who buys those Wisconsin food debit cards from people. One person she buys from has NINE kids she gets more in food card money then she ever spends each month so she sells them. Lets stop funding programs that study the the why people in Africa don’t vote or why cows fart or why men get erections when they look at porn. Stop pissing away billions on AMtrak either they make it work or close the damn railroad. and on and on but you damn progressives will not do one damn thing to fix the problem all you can do is complain about people who are tired of the abuse.

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