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I don’t know if Scott Walker is just getting desperate, is ignorant or truly stands for absolutely nothing. Scott Walker in an interview earlier this year:


Certainly, it starts with my faith and my family and I think my faith in Christ certainly has had a tremendous impact on where I am not just personally but professionally as well; how I treat people and how I like to be treated all comes out of that. Certainly a good chunk of what brought me into my faith are my parents. My dad is a now a long-since-retired minister and my mother, worked part-time, and she had a tremendous impact on who I am, a great role model. Along the way I was involved with a lot of things from school and sports and Scouts. I also am an Eagle Scout. Twenty-five years ago, in 1985 I went to the American Legion, Badger Boy’s State, and the Boy’s Nation programs and that had a great influence, not just from learning about government politics but ultimately learning from those veterans who put on a program called, “The Power of Public Service” and I found that be very impactful. And I think the good people I’ve worked with along the way and the constituents I’ve had in the Assembly, now as County Executive, and the people I’ve met around the State all have had a powerful influence on who I am and the ideas I have and how I choose to govern.

Now he is showing that none of that matters by bringing in the disgraced ex-Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich for a fundraiser and rally. The thrice married Gingrich, is known for his continual trading in older versions of women for younger campaign aides. A recent Esquire article, introduced us to exactly how bad a person Newt really is. Here are some highlights:

• ditching his first wife, who had put him through college, by announcing their separation in the hospital room where she was recovering from ovarian cancer surgery, and telling a friend, “She’s not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of the president. And besides, she has cancer”;

• leaving said woman to depend, literally, on church alms to survive, as he refused to provide child support. (In a campaign leaflet, he argued that his opponent for the seat he eventually won would have to separate from her family to move to Washington and would have to hire a nanny to fulfill her maternal obligations.);

• marrying a much younger woman with whom he had been having an affair —and to whom he had long ago proposed—six months later;

• leaving this woman by calling her at her mother’s home on her mother’s birthday following her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis and announcing their impending divorce.

• marrying yet another woman, described by The Washington Post as a ” blonded-up, French-horn-playing Agriculture Committee staffer” 23 years his junior, with whom he had also been having an affair, while leading the forces of impeachment against Bill Clinton for his extracurricular activities with Monica Lewinsky.

Newt seems to be the “family values” role model of the Wisconsin Republican Party, since he is also good friend of reality TV star Sean Duffy.

A couple questions to ask: What would the reince press release look like if Barrett brought in John Edwards for a rally and fundraiser? With Gingrich’s disdain for women who get sick, will Rebecca Kleefisch be allowed to attend?


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14 thoughts on “Wow Just Wow!!

  1. Did Scott’s Christian values also cause him to throw a hissy fit when he wasn’t endorsed my the Marquette Tribune and went around throwing out copies of the issue in question? This was during his rum for Student Government president in 1988. The J-S glossed over that in their profile last Sunday.

  2. Your repeated tirades against Gingrich are tired. Yawn.

    Why is it any different when Bill Clinton or Barack Obama come here for Barrett or Feingold? Are you saying snorting crack is less reprehensible?

    1. Actually, yes, it is worse. Dumping wives serially displays a serious moral failing which, given Scott Walker’s words, should be deeply offensive to him. But Sott Walker’s words are just that, words. They are empty of meaning.

        1. Boy, you really are dense. Divorce is “fine” but carrying on secret liaisons with them while not married and announcing to your wife that you are leaving her while she is in the hospital for cancer, breaking up with wife #2 by calling her at her mother’s house and announcing the divorce, carrying one an affair with soon-to-be wife #3 while fulminating piously about Bill Clinton’s failings: all that is not OK.

    2. For the record, you don’t snort crack.

      As to your bigger point, my issue with Newt Gingrich is how he presumes to lecture others about “family values,” while he himself is far from a paragon of family values.

      1. Zach – your issue with Gingrich is certainly valid – that for him to preach about family values when his personal life has been anything but decent in that department.

        On the other hand, attacking Walker because of Gingrich’s personal life is yet another ad hominem. And this:

        With Gingrich’s disdain for women who get sick, will Rebecca Kleefisch be allowed to attend?

        is yet another example of the rubbish and fabrications. Newt cheated on his wife & left her when she was sick – no question that makes him a slimeball. Only an idiot or liar concludes that means he has a disdain for women who get sick.

    3. Newt Gingrich is an admitted and proud bigot against all Muslims, lumping them all together with the terrorists unashamedly.

      I have no respect for bigots, even if his family life was as pristine as the Cleavers.

  3. Jesus’ impact on Walker’s policy ideas are obvious because we all know what a free-market, low tax, policy hack Jesus was.

  4. Rule Number 1 if you’re Republican- The rules and doctrines I lay out do not apply to me or my friends.

  5. So you guys are saying that Gingrich coming for Walker means Walker endorses all of Gingrich’s behaviors? Then you would have to say Feingold and Barrett must endorse smoking crack because they attend events with Obama.

    By the way Gingrich isn’t the only one who has been married three times. If that is such an issue for you Proud Progressive, seems to me you might have to mention Feingold in that company too.

    1. As does anything goes for Barack for hanging out with William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. As far as I know, Jensen was never a terrorist or made statements asking God to damn America.

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