Carl Paladino knows all about traditional family values!

How’s this for hypocrisy?

In remarks he made to Hasidic Jewish leaders on Sunday, Republican Carl Paladino, who’s running for governor in New York, said that being gay is “not the example that we should be showing our children” as he attacked his opponent, Democrat Andrew Cuomo. However, while Carl Paladino lectures others about the “example that we should be showing our children,” it’s already been revealed Paladino fathered a child with a mistress and told his wife about the affair (and the child) the same week his son Patrick was killed in a car accident.

Yeah, Carl Paladino is just the kind of guy who should be lecturing to others about traditional family values and the examples we should be showing our children.


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3 thoughts on “Carl Paladino knows all about traditional family values!

  1. This guy is insane. what next – a guy in California runs a race disparaging tanned and botoxed beach people? pssst hey Carl- There’s a lot of gay people in NYC. I lived there and trust me, it was hard to get a date. XDDDD All the men I knew were into each other. wow that sounded more graphic than I had meant.
    well is suppose there were other reasons for me not getting dates, maybe even my personality O_O, but anyways… 🙂
    But really, damn lotta gay people, bisexual people, lesbians, and tons of straight people who waaaay do not resonate with this mentality in that state. Right? I don’t know how many people I met that were from some Podunk place but had left in search of a more accepting community. It’s like running an anti-Muslim campaign in Mecca. wtf.
    And if hate-speech is against the law, what do you do when a top law-maker engages in it against large portions of “his own” Public? That’s some crazy shit goin’ on there.
    Hopefully he will loose, this guy is NOT charming in the least, even the Hassidim in that other video look bored to tears. 🙁

  2. With all of the other material against him, you chose to highlight family values. Seems to me there is good reason to call him out on the other attributes he has.
    But my question is: Is intolerance genetic?

    1. You’re right that there’s a lot to call Paladino out on, but this just caught my eye. Plus, I didn’t really wanna go into too much detail about the bestiality emails he sent out….that’s just creepy.

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