Journal Sentinel endorses Russ Feingold

Here’s the gist of their endorsement:

But Johnson has been either off base or unwilling to fully explain many of his ideas.

In this time of fiscal peril, voters need honesty. Republicans and Democrats together caused the problems. Republicans and Democrats together will have to solve them. Perhaps there are billions of dollars “available for cutting.” But how? How does Johnson propose to reduce the nation’s $13.7 trillion of debt?

Aside from vapid talking points about TARP and the stimulus bill, Johnson has no answer.

Johnson has no answer – or the wrong answer – on many topics.

Health care reform is not government health care. Repealing it will roll back, perhaps forever, hard-won and necessary gains for consumers.

Climate change and human contribution to it are borne out by the preponderance of scientific evidence and thought. Statesmanship requires policy based on this, not on the convenience of arguments offered by deniers who are outliers in the scientific community.

It is not undermining the troops to comment publicly on whether a war should be ended. Feingold is right: Democracy demands such public discussion.

And as bad as the economy remains, it would be far worse off had federal stimulus and the bank bailout not occurred. A recession with a slow recovery is preferable to a depression.

This election, like every election, is about comparisons. And we find these overwhelmingly in Feingold’s favor – on depth of knowledge and understanding of key issues and in proven experience.

We recommend a vote for Feingold.


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37 thoughts on “Journal Sentinel endorses Russ Feingold

      1. Absolute there is no way that Feingold gets elected again, the people of this state are tired of his far left anti family agenda. He is toast.

  1. They also endorsed Scott Walker. They spend most of their endorsement of Walker admitting they don’t really like conservative policies but realize they are the only remedy for what is ailing the state right now, a rather shocking admission. They point out that years of Democrat control have gotten us here.

      1. Are you trying to say that increase taxes do not hurt families? I suppose as a progressive you may be foreign to the idea of a paycheck. Here is how it goes. When a progressive is in charge they create and manipulate entitlement programs for their base most who believe the government should be taking care of them. So when the create these entitlements then they need to fund them and that is where people with jobs get to bend over and once again grab their ankles as more of their paycheck is stolen from them.

        1. Because progressives don’t have jobs?

          Get a grip and lose the talking points.

          I work 40 hours a week, and my wife 60+ and we’ve actually seen our federal withholding go down thanks to Democrats who passed the stimulus.

    1. And Ron Johnson supports a repeal of health care reform, which would hurt many families. One only need to look at the kind of health care Johnson provides to employees (some of whom need to be on BadgerCare) as proof that Ron Johnson’s health care “ideas” would hurt millions of American families.

      1. So now going on BadgerCare hurts families? I thought it was a wonderful government program? Make up your mind. Either you think it’s a good idea to be on government health care or you don’t.

        1. You missed the bigger point I was trying to make.

          The point is that the health care “solutions” Ron Johnson put into place at PACUR clearly didn’t do much good for those of his employees who were forced to go on BadgerCare.

          1. But if BadgerCare is so great, why should you be critical of any plan Johnson offered? This is exactly what is going to happen when the health care bill takes effect. “If you like the coverage your employer provides you can stay on it” is a myth in that if government is offering something, why should employers?


        actually Forgot your wrong there but there is a difference. People get divorced all the time, even people who fight for the sanctity of marriage(dripping with sarcasm). The difference is Newt uses women for his own personal gain. He cant be slowed down by having a sick wife, that cramps his style. He also cant be bothered raising kids, he has to advance his career.

        Why else would he say of his wife…. “she isnt pretty enough to be the presidents wife, besides she has cancer”?

        and notalib you might not like newt but Sean duffy and Scott Walker sure do.

        1. Oh and you forgot to mention that one of them has a D behind his name and is therefore exempt from this criticsm, because apparently liberals can’t be “hypocrites” because they hold no values to begin with.

          1. No, the difference is that unlike Newt Gingrich and his ilk, Democrats don’t go around lecturing others about “family values” while having affairs and whatnot.

            1. Ah well I guess you really got me there. Having no standards at all trumps having high standards and falling short of them. That’s sad.

              1. Bigotry isn’t a “standard.” Wanting to see families torn apart that don’t match a narrow-minded bigoted view is not a “standard.”

              2. Who doesn’t have standards? I have standards, as do plenty of folks I know who also happen to be Democrats. The difference is we don’t go around lecturing others about family values.

      2. Gingrich=3 marriages
        Feingold = 2 marriages

        Nice try though. If you want, we can talk about how Gingrich’s first two marriages ended…

        1. Well to be fair, we don’t know HOW Feingold’s marriages ended. I’m just pointing out how ridiculous this can get.

          So Feingold is down one marriage from Newt. They still both have had the equal number of divorces (two), as I believe Newt is still married to #3. There’s still time for both.

  2. Okay I have to ask this –

    How did this derail into a topic of ‘values’ and divorces on each side?

    For the love of Batman, there is so much misinformation on here it isn’t funny. You’re all just grasping for straws and it’s ridiculous. Yes I know the ads are obnoxious, yes I know you’re all under a lot of stress and the heated political climate is growing but seriously? If you are going to criticize Feingold, don’t go for personal attacks.

    If you’re going to compare Feingold to someone, please let it be Ron Paul for politics to compare and contrast. Both are mavericks and respectable men in congress even if you don’t agree with either. And make sure you get those policies right with research.

  3. Lets take a HONEST look at this self labeled ‘maverick’

    Here are some of Feingold’s rankings by various interest groups, courtesy project vote smart:

    ACORN 100%
    ACLU 100%
    NARAL 100%
    NAACP 90%
    National Education Association A
    SEIU 100%
    ASCFME 100%
    AFL CIO 94%
    National Latino Congress 100%
    National Association of Government Contractors 100%
    Military Officers Association 0%
    National Association of Manufacturers 8%
    Citizens Against Government Waste 40%
    National Taxpayer Union 23%
    National Gun Owners Association F-
    National Retail Federation 0%
    National Right to Life 0%
    English First 0%
    American Conservative Union 13%
    National Council of LaRaza 100%

    1. ACORN? What it did was stupid as all hell, but it actually did help many people who needed educations for the time it was running.

      ACLU? It stance of separation of church and state’s is something I can agree with. It supports the most unpopular forms of speech and expression, notably those with which most other organizations would not wish to associate themselves. Even if it is disgusting that I think some groups it associates with? I cannot deny the person’s freedom of speech.

      NARAL? Pro Choice America. I think it’s important to have choices open and options available, I’m not sure if you’re aware of why the late term of abortion is important but a reason why women had a high mortality rate back before modern medical science was because sometimes the baby died inside of them. My grandma even as late as the 1970s a neighbor was going to have twins, she named the babies – one baby died inside of her. It wasn’t a case of just “Well let them fall out.” keep in mind, because they were almost ready to come out by that 9th month. Other twin dies inside of her because they’re connected to her blood stream, she gets horribly sick, fever goes high, body goes into convulsions, she needed to get her girls out – they did get them out. But they left them in there for so long that she wasn’t able to have children again. This is why late term abortions are needed. Sometimes, the baby just randomly dies with no fault of anyone, and having these anti-abortion laws up? Makes it harder for people to go in and get one in emergencies like this.

      NAACP? … Are you afraid of brown people?

      National Education Association. Public Education. I had a pretty awesome time in public school, was lucky to come across the most caring teachers too. I have nothing but the upmost respect for them since they deal with a lot of guff and have a lot of children who are not properly raised by their parents because they’re under the belief that school will raise them.

      SEIU. Labor Unions. In health care, public services, and property services.

      AFSCME. Public Service. This is from not only government jobs as you define doing paper, but police and fire departments. They want to help working families. I can get behind that.

      AFL-CIO. Unions. My uncle is a part of Union at the Procter & Gamble and is one of the most successful men there.

      National Latino Congress. Once again, brown people. Are you scared of them? Good lord, you better not ever meet me in real life. Many Latinos are here legally but there is still a bunch of hardworking ones that here illegally. We should give them a proper pathway to citizenship or even temporary citizenship while finding the ones who are causing the trouble. I don’t get how in the 1950s we can be begging for them to come over yet now we’re demonizing them when they’re the reason I can get strawberries for 30 cents.

      National Association of Government Contractors. A national trade association for business owners engaged or interested in contracts with government, universities and private corporations. Cool jobs bro.

      Military Officer Association. It is an independent, nonprofit, and politically nonpartisan organization. This one you actually might have some ground on since it was taken in 2009. Although I kind of find it funny that all the Districts of Wisconsin that are Republican get a 0 while the Districts that are Democrats get a 100.

      Paul Ryan |Republican |0
      Tammy Baldwin |Democratic |100
      Ronald Kind |Democratic |100
      Gwen Moore |Democratic |100
      F. Sensenbrenner|Republican |0
      Thomas Petri |Republican |0
      David Ross Obey |Democratic |100
      Steven Kagen |Democratic |100

      Still, I wondering if they took in account for the Wounded Warrior Transition Assistance Act because it says it was verified and both Murkowski and Feingold are rated 0 on that site. Perhaps they only count the act if it goes completely through and it has not come to pass yet?

      National Association of Manufacturers. Largest industrial trade association, representing small and large manufacturers in every industrial sector and in all 50 states. I can’t really find more information about it, I never heard of it as much?

      Citizens Against Government Waste. It has campaigned on behalf of the tobacco industry and in favor of Microsoft and against open source software.

      National Taxpayer Union has a pretty good record. But it tends to lobby in congress and the Right kind of know that. I’m not saying it’s Left, but both the Right and Left take notice of it.

      The NRA is ridiculously powerful in lobbying and I personally think we have a right to guns. But it tends to vote anything down if you apply restrictions against maybe some people who just got out of jail and people with mental illnesses. Given, sometimes you can’t tell.

      National Retail Federation. Department store, specialty, discount, catalog, Internet, and independent retailers, and chain restaurants and grocery stores.

      National Right to Life has a view that you can’t have abortions ever, even in cases of rape, incest, and danger of the mother. I don’t trust that.

      English First. My reaction reading what it is.

      American Conservative Union. Conservative, it’s not bipartisan. Also, the Fed Ex Controversy.

      National Council of LaRaza. It focuses on reducing poverty and discrimination, and improving opportunities for Hispanics. The only controversy behind them is from American Patrol and The American Resistance which have cases of white supremacy all over. Once again, are you afraid of brown people?

      I think the only really solid arguments you have with this is the National Retail Federation, National Association of Manufacturers, and maybe the Military Officer Association.

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