Governor Walker Decries Outside Money in Wisconsin Gubernatorial Race!

While taking a desperate swipe at his opponent for governor, Wisconsin’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers, GOP incumbent Governor Scott Walker decried the amount of outside money being spent to support Mr. Evers.

GOP Gov. Scott Walker accused his opponent Wednesday of being “bought and paid for by the unions” and decried spending by outside groups, even though Walker has gotten more than $40 million in help from such groups over the years.

So the $40 Million Man thinks the pittance that the teachers’ unions still have available to spend on elections is a bought and sold situation for Mr. Evers. What an incredible hypocrite in the governor’s office…but we all knew that already.

Two simple solutions Gov. Walker:

Demand that third parties stop spending money in support of your campaign…essentially put your mouth where the money is.

Your first item of business in Madison this fall…get rid of third party and dark money from Wisconsin campaigns. I dare you!!

And why is the governor mentioning this now?

Tuesday’s poll showed Evers leading Walker 49 points to 44 points.

Editor’s update 9/20/18: Bruce Murphy’s take on this subject: The Best Governor Money Can Buy


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