Shrill Labarre Supports Mimes!

Shrill Labarrel, failed tea party candidate and fringe right winger, today filed papers to recall Senator Bob Jauch. In her filing she let it be known that Senator Jauch was being recalled, because he voted against MIMES!

H/T Politiscoop:

As if the “tea party” hasn’t done enough damage, they now want to flood the state with MIMES. While I would think that improving the Hayward Public schools, that let her down, would be a priority with Ms. Labarre, everyone has their issues.

I personally stand with Senator Jauch on this one. I hate Mimes!


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5 thoughts on “Shrill Labarre Supports Mimes!

  1. Let’s be sure to identify which of the 51st through 57th states (Senator Obama) she was in when she made this mistake. Once identified, we must summon her Wilmington Delaware for a re-education session at Katie’s Restraunt (Senator Biden) hosted by a distinguished Navy corpsman [corpse-man] (President Obama) and democrat State Senator Dale Shultz (WI State Senator Lena Taylor).

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