Bob Donovan’s “plan for Milwaukee” is long on rhetoric, short on substance

Last week Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan, never one to shy away from some publicity, released his ten-point plan for fixing all that ails the City of Milwaukee. While Ald. Donovan’s “plan” was long on rhetoric attacking the leadership of others (but curiously, not his own), his plan was was equally as short of any substantive proposals on how to fix what ails the City of Milwaukee.

Revamp the juvenile justice system? Sure, it could use some serious changes, but Ald. Donovan doesn’t actually propose any changes of his own.

Drastic and far-reaching changes to MPS? Well, my curiousity is piqued, once again Ald. Donovan doesn’t have a plan – just rhetoric.

If Ald. Donovan really thinks he’s the leader Milwaukee has been lacking – which seems to be what he’s implying – then perhaps he should finally grow a pair and run for Mayor, instead of simply taking potshots from the sidelines.


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