Foxitus/ Foxmania – The Devil Made Me Do It

A lawyer representing a capitol rioter told a DC magistrate judge on Thursday that his client, Anthony Antonio, came down with a case of ” Foxitus ” or ” Foxmania ” from watching too much Fox News following Antonio’s layoff from his job due to the pandemic. The attorney, Joseph Hurley, went on to say that after six months of steady Fox News viewing Antonio “started believing what was being fed to him”.

Hurley appears to be building his defense of Antonio on an admission from Fox’s own lawyers who argued last year that you can’t take Tucker Carlson to court for slander because, essentially, no reasonable person would believe what Carlson says. Antonio, poor fellow, apparently didn’t realize Carlson is just plain full of shit.

Other defendants charged in the riot have blamed Donald Trump for their actions, which is almost the same as blaming Fox News.

As more and more defendants blame Trump and Fox News for their actions during the January 6th riot, it should be come to known as the ” Flip Wilson ” defense. While Wilson is no longer with us perhaps defense attorneys could play the video clip below in court.


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