The Hunt For The Bamboo Ballot

Having failed to find evidence of watermarked ballots in Arizona, ( QAnoner’s believe Trump had official ballots watermarked so that fraudulent ballots, sans watermark, could be detected), republicans in Arizona are now examining ballots looking for evidence ofTbamboo fibers. Yup. Bamboo fibers. This bears repeating. REPUBLICANS IN ARIZONA ARE EXAMINING BALLOTS LOOKING FOR EVIDENCE OF BAMBOO FIBERS. Why bamboo?

Because this would prove that tens of thousands of fraudulent ballots were flown in from Asia to ensure Biden’s victory in Arizona. This bears repeating. BECAUSE THIS WOULD PROVE THAT TENS OF THOUSANDS OF FRAUDULENT BALLOTS WERE FLOWN IN FROM ASIA TO ENSURE BIDEN’S VICTORY IN ARIZONA.

Jesus Christ. What’s next? Ballots micro-chipped by Bill Gates? Fraudulent ballots from Scotland sailed across the Atlantic by the Loch Ness Monster?

The real question here is this: if you’re a republican official in Arizona who’s gone along with this ” audit”, how do you live this one down? How do you save face when this is over?

All of which makes me think, has anyone seen Janel Brandtjen lately? I wonder if she’s in Arizona?


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3 thoughts on “The Hunt For The Bamboo Ballot

  1. As long as it’s the Arizona Republican party paying for this fiasco who cares. If they are willing to waste dollars on a fantasy who are we to complain. I just hope if ballot chain-of-custody rules are broken a fine is levied, and any other illegalities are punished to the full extent of the law.

    1. They are not paying for it, though. It is a combination of tax dollars and private, hidden donations to the Cyber Ninja clowns and other RW grifter groups.

      And yet they are closing this to the public and the media, which seems completely illegal and sue-able.

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